InvestingNote Platform and App Tutorial

Here's how to fully utilise our web and app!

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Charting Tool Tutorial

Due to numerous feedback on how to better utilise our free TA charting tool, we've come up with a simple guide to help people who're new to our charts get started in 3 minutes!

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New Feature: Company Announcements are now available

*New Feature: Company Announcements* Hi everyone, We've just released an 'announcements' tab, which features all the related announcements filed by listed companies to SGX. Such as share-buybacks, insider...

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"Estimates" Function Explanation Video

We've got feedback that there are still some of our community members that aren't sure of how our "estimates" function work. Here's a short video of how it works and how it can help you!

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InvestingNote Chart 101

I wanted to help those who are newer to Investingnote, my preferred charting software, hence I'm ...

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Basic Investing Note Charting 101

Basic Investing Note Charting 101 ~Moving Averages~ Mobile version: https://...

Posted by: wellhandy wellhandy New Function - Ideas & Portfolio Transactions on Chart New Function - Ideas & Portfolio Transactions on Chart Dear IN users,...

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*Key Updates: Foreign currency function in Portfolio and Feedback Channel*

We’ve just added a small but important feature in Portfolio that allows you to set your own exchange rates when you have holdings of stocks in foreign exchanges.

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Account Setup


Walkthrough: Stock Page

One of our prized sources of stock-related information lies within the stock page. It helps you breeze through your initial stock picking by providing all sources of information in one page.

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