*New Feature: Company Announcements*

Hi everyone,

We've just released an 'announcements' tab, which features all the related announcements filed by listed companies to SGX. Such as share-buybacks, insider transactions, acquisition offers and much more.

To access the announcements, you can either click the 'announcements' tab in the main feed page (in between news and research tab) or search for your favourite stock and click on the similar tab there.

This is currently available on desktop only. if you'd like to see this feature on our app, please vote below!


This is another step closer for us to be a one-stop portal for investors!

If you find this feature useful, do let your family & friends know about it too. We appreciate it!

Your Friends at InvestingNote

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so, is this available in the apps already? tks.


Good feature. Wish the company announcement feature could be linked to our portfolio and watchlist. This saves us time to search for it in the Home>Announcement Tab.


Reply to @SonnyPierce : I hv found that one could get specific company announcements according to portfolio and watchlist stocks: Portfolio>Stock name. Middle Section of the page: ALL, IDEAS, ESTIMATE, NEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, RESEARCH. Click on ANNOUNCEMENTS and you will get Company announcements specific to that Stock. Resolved! Thank you Investing Note for having this feature.


Very useful function, even better than sgx itself. Lol


Reply to @bgting : ya, for less informed person like me, trying to get some information like shares buyback, have to go through the hassle on sgx, company annoucement, company name, time of period, what kind of announcement. very troublesome and not friendly.

Here in investingnote, this i like.

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will be good if it only shows the announcement of our watchlist shares


Thanks to include this feature very useful


v good! v useful! Highly recommended :-)


not available on app yet?


If you can add on all the ASIA indexes including Dow that would be excellent .


If the user interface and navigation is more user friendly than the SGX website, and the announcements can be pulled in without time lag, this can become the preferred website or app to monitor SGX announcements. The time lag persists as shown in attached.

PS. Reuters news feed is a bit faster than SGX Announcement Website itself.


Reply to @JakeKok : No fixed time lag, but definitely not in sync, not timely. After this example in the screenshot, later.ones took longer to show up here, I think.

Btw, reuters feed is always ahead of SGX website, up to a minute.

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