Trumpian Uncertainty And The Market

Trumpian Uncertainty - Joseph E. Stiglitz

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A Recommended Read

Sharing of Opinion and thoughts - Rate hike and Reits From my understanding, interest r...

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Quantitative Easing and the Stock Market

What is QE? Why does it affect the economy, and how? What are the effects QE has on the stock market?

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How Interest Rates Affect the Stock Market (and Your Investments)

For those who have taken a basic course in Economics, the concept of interest rates should not be an unfamiliar subject. But what about the relationship between interest rates and the stock market?

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Mortgage Interest Rates – Key Factors That Impacts it

Paul HO from Interest Rate Interest rate charged is the reward for taking th...

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Brexit: The Impact on Us

In a few hours’ time, we should know the results of the referendum as to whether Britain is out o...

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Brexit: The Days After The Pounding

The final verdict is out and Britain is now out of EU. The result has taken the financial market ...

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A Personal Opinion on Oil

Personal opinion on Oil (Make a study on it last night) For me, i believe oil is oversold at t...

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Interest Rates & REITs

Interest rate hike and its impact on Reits Reits are well known as an instrument provid...

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What is the Economy?

What makes up economy? In this post, the author uses simple language to walk you through concepts such as transactions, credit and interest rates.

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