New Function - Ideas & Portfolio Transactions on Chart

Dear IN users,

We are happy to announce some enhancements to the charts. Now you will be able to read investing ideas and your own portfolio transactions on the chart. Click on the 'Show Idea's on the top menu of the chart will enable this.

1. Investing / Trading Ideas on Chart
Estimations with buy call are indicated with green dot, while estimations with sell call are indicated with red dot. The other ideas or news are all indicated with orange dot. If you saw an area full of green dot, it means our users are very bullish on that few days and stocks are likely to go up. We mean likely and not guarantee:) It is just an indicator for you to read the sentiment. We can call it crowd estimations indicator. Every candlestick is limited to max of 10 ideas.

2. Portfolio Transactions on Chart
If you have recorded any buy / sell transactions for a stock using our Portfolio function, when you load the chart for that stock, it will show when you have bought and sold the stock. The buy transaction is indicated with big label 'B', while sell transaction is indicated with big label 'S'. Click on them will show you more details. With this, you can easily review all your transactions, and by placing the buy and sell on the chart, we believe you will be able to analyse your own transactions history and questions like 'Why on earth did I buy / sell this stock at this point' will come out. And this is a very good way for you to improve. Lean your own lesson from the chart. And this is another reason for you to keep track of your transactions using our platform.

Enjoy the updates and your weekend. #investingnote-release

Team InvestingNote.

Note that this only applies for the website on desktop. Due to the space constraint, this function is not for mobile app and mobile browser.

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the crowd estimations show up but not the transaction events, not sure why ..anyone can help ?


Reply to @InvestingNote : Sure, thank you very much :-)

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Good job for the wonderful feature. Thank you.


Wow, great feature on crowd estimation, think it will be really useful to give an indication on sentiment.... :)


thank you so much! this is a very useful function :)


Nice, I use your charts for my trading journal but have to enter my own arrows for entry and exit point. This is a very useful feature!

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