Getting Started with InvestingNote: Stock page

One of our prized sources of stock-related information lies within the stock page. It helps you breeze through your initial stock picking by providing all sources of information in one page. This is the place to look if you are looking for fundamental information, recent news, or even price trends.

The following steps guide you through the usage of the stock page to make better investing decisions.

First, search for the stock you want

For most people, everyone has in mind some stocks they are about to invest in. Thus, you need to first find the stock you are interested in.

You have arrived at the stock page!

Let's first look at the layout of the stock page.

Add the stock into your watchlist

The easiest thing you can do here is to add the stock into your watchlist. This allows you to conveniently keep track of it through your watchlist, and also monitor the price trends through our charting tool

Assess the stock fundamentals

Our collaboration with @ShareInvestor makes it possible for us to present InvestingNote users with quality and reliable fundamental ratios powered by ShareInvestor. By clicking on the "Fundamental Data" tab, you will not only be able to see the ratios, but also easily check out what each ratio mean. This is definitely useful when you are shortlisting stocks or learning about investing!

Check out related stocks

It is definitely important to know what some related stocks are. In this example, since we are looking at $Keppel Corp(BN4) , we would naturally be interested to learn about some of the similar companies. Therefore, we can use "Index Components" to check out the specific index that the stock belongs to, then check out similar companies.

And that's all for today... To be continued!

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