*Key Updates: Foreign currency function in Portfolio and Feedback Channel*

Dear users,

We’ve just added a small but important feature in Portfolio that allows you to set your own exchange rates when you have holdings of stocks in foreign exchanges.

If you already have holdings in foreign exchanges, the exchange rate we’ve set as default, is taken from the exchange rate (indicative) on the date of your transaction.

We would recommend you to edit the exchange rate by yourself to have a better and more accurate tracking of your portfolio.

To do this, simply click the ‘edit’ button under the ‘transactions’ tab in Portfolio.

The following is how the P/L denominated in foreign exchange currency is calculated:

We've also have included an official feedback channel because a lot of the improvements made over the year on our app and platform were taken from the feedback you gave.

Just look out for this in the home page, at the bottom left corner:

As you had a part to play in our improvements and progress, we strive to make InvestingNote the best social network for investors to connect.
So, please keep the feedback coming :)


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