Getting Started with InvestingNote: Account Setup

You may be new to the stock market, a veteran in-the-making or already a market wizard, but setting up your account makes your InvestingNote experience significantly better. It minimizes uninteresting content and improves your reading quality, allowing you to make better investing decisions.

The following steps guide you through the setting up of your account to improve your content feed.

1. Add stocks to your watchlist
Be sure to add stocks that you are interested in into your watch-list. You can do so by clicking here and following the steps as described in the instructions below:

2. Follow more people
Different people share different views in the stock market, therefore, you will probably want to follow different users depending on your reading preferences. However, as a general guide, you can always find good content from our top users. The steps below will guide you to find out how you can find our top users:

You may click here to read on things you can look out for when assessing a user.

3. Change content source
Finally, after following the users and stocks that you are interested in, simply change your stock feed away from "Latest Posts". By changing your source to "Following investors & stocks", your feed will only contain information written by the people you follow or related to stocks inside your watchlist. In any case that you are bored and want to find out more about anything happening in the market, you can simply change the source back to "Latest Posts".

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