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Top Tier Principal Trading Representative (Value Investing)
Li Guang Sheng
22 Mar 2016
Investment Experience:
over 16 years

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Average Time Frame:
39 Days
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Fundamental Technical
Trading Strategies:
News Trader
Value Investor
Dividend-play Investor
Trading Timeframes:
1 ~ 3 months
3 ~ 6 months
6 ~ 12 months
1 ~ 3 years
Warren Buffet
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More about @Li_Guang_Sheng:

Li Guang Sheng is one of the rare Trading Representatives believing 90% on fundamental and 10% on Technical Analysis. He started out in 2006 and was taught by clients who educated him on value investing, with strong emphasis on intrinsic value and dividend yield. He would like to attribute most of his knowledge to these clients of whom some have retired early and are still doing well in their investments and can depend on the past stock investments for income.

He was ranked 2nd in Yahoo! Finance Gazillionaire Trading competition in 2010.

He was one of the pioneer coachers in Phillip CFD for 1 to 1 coaching to clients. He was just awarded "Top CFD Specialist" in 2015 by Phillip CFD. He has also been mentoring new Trading Representatives since 2011. He has been awarded "Best Mentor" by Phillip Securities in 2014 and 2016 for guiding new Trading Representatives on how to build their business and do value investing. For Rotary work, he was awarded Outstanding Assistant Governor in 2013/14 and was also awarded the Most Outstanding Young Rotarian D3310 for 2015/16.

He appeared on TV, Edge Magazine in the past and has conducted investment talks. He has also organised career seminar workshops for students. Currently he wishes to remain low profile on the media and focus more on charity involvement to help the poor and needy.

He is also very involved in charity as he believes in giving back to society once he established his career. He was the President for Rotary Club of Shenton 2009-2011, Assistant Governor for Rotary District 3310 in 2013/14. He served five years formerly as a board of director in Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore from 2010-2015. Currently he is the District 3310 Rotaract Chairperson and also the Vice Chairman for Rotary Family Service Centre in Clementi.

He graduated from NUS with a Bachelor in Arts and Social Sciences (Economics) with Merit. He joined the stock broking industry in 2006 and serves different pool of clients. Among his clients include retail investors, private companies, clan association, listed company doing share buyback, hedge funds, CEO/CFO of big listed companies. He also brokers deals on equities, private placement, IPO, bonds, private financing and fund investment. He is currently given the title of Principal Trading Representative, Phillip Securities.

He has no blog or website as he does not advocate trading on a frequent basis as he himself is not a firm believer in punting. His main Philosophy for buying stock is "Keep It Simple" and focus on fundamental. Before investing in the stock, one should be comfortable with the yield if the price drops.

He is willing to teach those who want to learn. Reason is he was taught by his clients and he is grateful to them. He wishes to use this InvestingNote platform to educate others on what he has learnt.


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