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James Yeo
02 Mar 2017
Investment Experience:
over 10 years

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3891 Days
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Fundamental Technical
Trading Strategies:
Value Investor
Dividend-play Investor
Trading Timeframes:
1 ~ 3 years
Warren Buffet
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More about @Smallcapasia:

Here at SmallCapAsia, we believe in buying high-quality small cap stocks and holding them for the long run. We are currently running this in a Team of 2.

1) James Yeo is a finance professional in the Day & contributes articles to http://Fool.sg, Yahoo Finance & http://dollarsandsense.sg in the Night.

He started his investing journey during his army days and had made countless mistakes along the way. Having chalked up >10 years of experience and a rather decent track record, he hopes to spread financial literacy among the masses & help those who wants to retire rich in future.

In turn, via sharing, he hopes that he can become a successful investor in the future and be able to help make the world a better place. And, he truly yearns for one thing: Financial Freedom.

2) Jun Rong is currently a final year student from the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Economics. Having stumbled upon the concept of investment two years ago, he then embarked on his journey to find the best avenue to put his money in.

His first step into the investing world came with heavy losses, which made him realize the need for one to take charge of his own finances. With the financial knowledge gained over the years, he hopes to share his views with others and at the same time, continue to learn actively in the vast field of investing.

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