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This is an exclusive club where we share regular updates on happenings in the global market and how these influence our daily trading and investment decisions. Our subscribers will benefit from the edge we get from our observations of daily price action.

We believe that sharing one’s ideas and experience with other like-minded people will bring greater success for all. We are technical analysis focused but we also think that it’s folly to ignore fundamentals. We are data and price action driven. Join us on our journey as we navigate the financial markets.

Club Membership Description

As a paying member of the Club, here's what you will get daily:

✔ Market direction – we look at economic data, monetary policy, interest rates and sentiment so that we know what’s happening around the world. We monitor news flow to keep surprises at a minimum. We assess what it all means for our trading & investment portfolios.
✔ Bonus Daily Live Trading and timely update through a closed, active chat group
✔ Trading – we discuss our trading ideas, how we discover them, how we approach potential entry, stop-loss & exit points & the corresponding price action signals we look for.
✔ Investing – we look at beaten down assets, stocks at highs, IPOs, rights issues and decide whether we would take any action.

A glimpse of some cases we've previously posted:

Here’s a trade we took on in anticipation of decent results for Venture on 8 Nov. The stock has been gaining since end-October & since then other manufacturing stocks have report decent results. Noted how the stock stayed nicely within the trend channel. Made two trades at or near the bottom of the trend channel.

Here’s a series of recent trades done in SGX. The stock was within an uptrend channel but trading towards the bottom of this channel, forming a ‘mini’ downtrend channel with an established range. That gave us the confidence to scale in & scale out of this stock a few times until it gapped up on account of the good results which was a bonus.

In these series of trades on Venture, the objective was to capitalize on the potential breakdown of a sharp uptrend using the 5x leveraged short DLC on Venture. The first such break of trend was in late April. The first trade was a bit early but the pullback gave the opportunity to add. Upon breakdown, we let the trade ride until 2 green bars where half the positions were exited with the rest a week later. The second such opportunity was in late June where again a pullback allowed us to add to our initial positions. This time after the breakdown, we exited all positions as stock volatility appeared to be dropping fast. Volatility in the underlying amplify the gains (& losses) in the DLC. Since then, Venture’s trend doesn’t favour trading the short DLC.

About The Traders Guild

The Traders Guild is an initiative from 5 experienced traders and investors, prominent and seasoned in the financial markets - coming together to help retail investors get better results.

Li Guang Sheng is a Principal Trading Representative with one of Singapore’s stockbroking companies. He serves a diverse pool of clients including retail investors, public and private corporations and associations as well as hedge funds. Li also manages share buybacks, private placements, bond and equity deals and participates in financing transactions. He is a firm believer in value investing. Fundamental analysis with emphasis on intrinsic value and yield forms the basis of 90% of the recommendations and advice he shares with his clients. Li graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Arts and Social Sciences (Economics) with Merit.

Larry has close to 30 years of trading experience. He was previously a trading representative, holding licences to transact both stocks and futures. Larry is renowned as an intraday specialist and actively trades stocks and indices. Some of the intraday and short-term trading strategies that he uses are not available in textbooks and applies specifically to Singapore stocks. He was among the first to start one-to-one coaching in trading in Singapore. More than a hundred traders have benefited from Larry freely sharing his wisdom and experience.

Martin Seah is best known for his weekly analysis of institutional funds flow and charting updates which he publishes on He specialises in a number of analyses including Andrews Pitchfork, Volume Spread Analysis and Price Action Analysis. Before he ventured full-time into stock trading, Martin held a management position with a German multinational. Martin graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with a Bachelor of Business (Operations and Transportation Management) with merit.

Dylan Ling holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from the University of Essex. He is an experienced accountant and has worked with clients from the investment, consultancy and trust fund sectors. Dylan is passionate about trading the stock market and uses his knowledge of accounting to find hidden gems in the market. He then applies statistics and data analysis to come up with the appropriate trading strategies.

Peter Lai has been involved with the financial markets for more than 30 years, as a professional in banking and finance, and subsequently in financial market data. He started trading FX futures in the late 80s and has since ventured into other asset classes including bonds, equities and precious metals. Peter trades with a very short to medium term view but will also take longer bets if the opportunity arises. He invests with a much longer-term view and uses a mixture of bonds, stocks and funds to achieve his long term investment objectives. Peter graduated with a Masters in Economics from the University of Western Australia.

The information, commentary and recommendations provided here and to the subscribers (i) are purely our opinions and views and are not supported, sanctioned or endorsed in any way; (ii) are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied; (iii) are not intended to and do not create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations; (iv) are for general information only and no assessment has been made as to the suitability of the information for you/the subscribers; (v) do not have any regard to your/the subscribers’ specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs, and do not constitute an investment advice; and (vi) are not intended and therefore should not be taken as any offer or solicitation to do any investment or trade. As always, the decision to trade and/or invest remains solely with you/the subscribers. All information provided have been procured from sources believed to be reliable and accurate (but whose reliability and accuracy cannot be and are not warranted). Recommendations and opinions are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments are subject to investment risks including possible loss of the principal amount invested. There shall be no liability to you/the subscribers for any direct/indirect or any other damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your/the subscribers’ reliance on any information, commentary and recommendations provided.

InvestingNote reserves the right to terminate a subscription without prior notice.

IMPORTANT: By joining the club, you will agree and consent to all the rules stated here: Read Rules

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