hi all seniors, sorry for the noob question here. may i know how this fund flow data can help our analysis of each stock? Is it just plainly the case of instituional fund selling equate to negative sentiment?


Reply to @MrJD : i think so! to give you an idea that short term wise price may turn softer!


Bro this week so quiet?


Reply to @Sporeshare :

So far most of the markets have follow the V shape or inverted HNS shape, sg market is always slow to follow due to gov manipulation. If our gov die die don't follow also nvm, when whole world markets are expensive, funds will come back to sg saying we are cheap lol.

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$Venture(V03.SI) Levels of interest
Venture had a double top breakdown from its neckline


Reply to @Martin_Seah : strictly speaking venture did not do a double top, switch on line graph to c, u will get wat i meant... ?

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