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And so, Brexit fears went as quickly as they came. Within 4 trading days, the Straits Times Index had recovered all of its losses from news of the Brexit referendum, giving very little time for investors to either buy or sell. Does the speed at which Brexit fears came and went and the relatively limited damage to the stock market make Brexit a non-event and noise to be ignored by investors of all stripes? First of all, whether Brexit is a noise or not depends a lot on the investor's investment strategy. For a passive investor, Brexit (and most...
Walter Schloss Something to share … Everyone knows Warren Buffett, but probably not many have heard of his friend Walter Schloss. I feel his investment style should be much easier to emulate for most. An article by Forbes on him here to serve as introduction. Attached are selected 2 articles by him 1. Why We Invest the Way We Do 2. Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market (16 points) Dedications To value investors : Hope you enjoy reading and continue to be inspired. To others : It is good to know what some other market participants...
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