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The final verdict is out and Britain is now out of EU. The result has taken the financial market by surprise. Even until the 22nd of June, financial markets all over the world were predicting that Britain would stay within EU. Most of the stock markets, whether it is Nikkei or the Dow Jones, were up from Monday till Thursday, but ended up in the negative territory after the Friday plunge. Even the European markets such as FTSE, DAX and CAC were exhibiting the same upward trend only to crash down significantly on Friday. So, the Brexit had indeed caught...
Selling before a major risky event (Sharing personal experiences) Sorry I did not post last 2 weeks as was busy asking friends to sell or minimize their blue chip exposures due to fear and repercussions on the possibility of #brexit. Honestly this strategy was something new. I am a firm believer that we should not trade shares that is for long term but I was worried on this historical financial event that is unthinkable if Britons vote LEAVE. It contradict what I have been advocating and that is value investors should not worry about shares that they buy long...
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