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Fundamental Analyst, Stock Broker, Freelance Trader
Peh Roland
14 Jul 2014
Investment Experience:
over 11 years

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174 Days
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Fundamental Technical
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Cyclical Investor
Value Investor
Dividend-play Investor
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< 1 week
1 ~ 4 weeks
1 ~ 3 years
Warren Buffet
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Roland Peh is a remisier with Phillip Securities since Apr 2014.

Roland started investment in 2006 and lost $30K speculating in shares in late 2008. Over the next four years, from 2009 to 2013, he grew his portfolio rapidly. After joining Phillip Securities in 2014, his portfolio has continued to grow and now includes 6 digit investments in the stock market and 70 CPFOA investments.

Roland spent 8 years with the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Singapore Police Force (SPF). He was trained as a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer and held the appointment as a Probationer Competence Assessment Officer during his tour of duty for Singapore’s most notorious estate.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of London, led by the London School of Economics and Political Science, as a part time student under the international programme during his service in SPF. After graduation, Roland faced a career crossroad – to join the Commercial Affairs Department or to continue pursuing his interest in Investment.

In Feb 2013, he took the Bloomberg assessment test as a part time student and his result showed that he exceled in Investment Banking, Global Markets, and Financial Statement Analysis, placing significantly above the 2013 Southeast Asian graduate average. With these results, since 2013, several private equity funds have approached Roland to discuss employment opportunities.

Roland credits his achievements to the valuable lessons learnt during his 8 year stint in Public Service and various lecturers from SIM –Global Education who imbue valuable investment lessons and principles. He is presently a Financial Services consultant who deals in a spectrum of financial services, including stock, ETF, CFD, Unit Trust and insurance.

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