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Weekend Poll: Do You Think Trump Is Doing Good For the Markets? 

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Reply to @layers : the Feds and Tressury Sec will say this time is different =p


Trump have no effects on economy, the economy is good due to the long term effects of zero interest policy that the US is previously having ..! hehehe


Reply to @RotiBlata : That is not really true. Trump is actually fixing the damage of the Low interest rate consequences. He is deleveraging for America now.


Always trust Mr Market's judgement.

The question is too generic, There are many markets in the world.

Yes for US, generally No for Asia.

It appears that Singapore's market moves largely the same direction as China now. On contrary, Japan's market moves with US. So you can see how the markets are divided.


Reply to @ivanguan : Okay he who trust Mr market cannot be trust.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : HAHAHA just posing a photo with the team. Read your post and learnt you were there earlier too!

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the volatility he created in the stock markets gave me an awesome learning environment to refine my trading system.


seems like only US stock break higher but others getting hit jalak...


Is a form of protectism for them! Obviously No good for the global trade market ..STI has been stalling gearing towards the down side ..Bank counter are waiting for the next direction..Either Breakout or down.

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