*Public Announcement: New Portfolio Update*

We're excited to announce that we've just updated an entirely new, sleek and comprehensive portfolio for everyone!

Key features include:

  • dividend tracking
  • comparisons with STI index
  • portfolio composition
  • sector breakdowns
  • all open, closed positions and current holdings
  • importing and exporting via CSV format
  • cash balance
  • currency denomination
  • multiple portfolios

Simply click this link to experience it now: https://www.investingnote.com/portfolios  or  click the "portfolio" button at the top navigation bar.

Note that this is currently only available on website. We will update this to our iphone and android apps very soon. Please bear with us.

Good things must share! Help us spread the word! 

-Your Friends At InvestingNote

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Dividend duplicate entries - J91U (EX-Date 03 May 2019)


Reply to @Night_Knight : Thank you very much! Glad to know that you like it!

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having problem with the import function. Some SGX stock code get messed up with HK/US stock. How do we explicitly specify stock for a particular market ?


Reply to @InvestingNote : Hi, tested, and it works for me ,Thanks for the support

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@investingnote me8u dividend also double calculated, shd have more of these double calculation everywhere


Reply to @ahvin2020 : Thank you for notifying us! We are currently checking this issue and will fix it. sorry for the inconveniences caused.


@InvestingNote Hotung Inv is calculated to have duplicate dividend payment of $0.1537 in june'18. Please check this.


Reply to @Alfaen : Hi, can you try again? The stock was cleared by system previously.

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I spent one hour painstakingly inputting the values on my keyboard to track my portfolio. Was porting over trade transactions from my Yahoo Finance app. It looked good. Until, I decided to include the cash balance in my bank account for trading/investing purposes as well. But the figures looked bad, because no retail investor typically keeps track of cash movement, only stocks. So deleted the cash deposit transaction. Then my entire portfolio disappeared (there was an error). Back to square one, back to a blank piece.

Is this portfolio feature reliable? Or is it still buggy? Do you have a 'save' button somewhere? Many thanks for your work. It already is impressive.


The android app last row always shown up on our phone as duplicate i.e. there are two identical tickers.


Reply to @traderx : Thank you. Great to know that.

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Hi IN,

It seems like my portfolio is showing Portfolio Return Changes instead of Portfolio Return. Is there a way to change it to Portfolio Return?



Reply to @InvestingNote : I see, will you be adding ability to change it between portfolio return changes and portfolio return?

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Hi IN,

Quick question if there was an update done to the Mobile app?

The portfolio used to be sorted alphabetically but it does not appear that way any more.

Tried both in IOS and Android.



Reply to @destsh : Hi thanks for your enquiry, we have not yet updated this portfolio on our app. Once we do so, we will do a shout out. Stay tuned!


There's something wrong with the dividend:
- i have 2 portfolio having fraser logistics, there's dividend paid for the 2 portfolio on 7 Aug, but currently both portfolio's dividend is grouped together on 1 portfolio

- there's only 1 payment on 7 Aug: http://infopub.sgx.com/Apps?A=COW_CorpAnno...
but investing note's upcoming events shows 3 at $0.0101, in portfolio page, the dividend payout should be $0.0101 instead of $0.0069, think this is caused by the company increased the dividend amount from $0.0069 to $0.010 few weeks ago


Reply to @InvestingNote : Woohoo! thank you n keep up the good work!

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I think if we add an investment from very long ago and delete it, the graph will go wierd.


Reply to @RotiBlata : Hi we have some problems with the data previous. The problem should be fixed already. Our system are regenerating those data for users, it will take a while.

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