was having a hurried lunch, and quickly keyed in what I thought was a buy order.
Turned out I made a mistake and it was a sell order instead, I realized because the order got filled immediately.
This meant that I had naked shorted, and as the share price was running up, I quickly bought back 1 bip higher to atone for my mistake.
Together with the brokerage fee, this dumb mistake cost me about $250, all in the space of 1 min! Stupid, and I clock it down to a tiredness.
Pissed... I went back to work.
Now, I checked and the share price has gone back down, such that if I had bought back only now, I'd likely incur only the brokerage fees or probably even make a small profit.
I swear, someone up there is all out to screw me up...

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Reply to @clementboo : Says liverpool forever and it stays true bcos they have never gotten the championship for a very very long time , even manutd walk with them on recent years @Mourinho


Happen to me too few months back. Sold Ascendas REIT instead of buying it.


to err is human.


Is a lesson learned , a lifetime gain! This will make us wiser and don't buy on impuse ! When we are nervous , we tend to make mistake!


Happened to me too. Want to sell but didn't click sell, end up buy another bunch at higher price lol


seems like...
this is a lot more common than I thought.


Haha I make the same mistake before as well!


Bro, I did same previously but not aware until market close, in the end cost me 300-400 , by SBL ....
Kns ....I also same like u so kanchiong see the stock going push up...hahaaaaa buy become sell...


Mw too..was trying to buy and end up selling...gd thing is I just sold part of what I have....


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : yah...be more alert..i double check all my orders nowadays but when the price jumps too fast, I get butter fingers...lol

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Stay cool.

Worst happened to me when I was overseas. Lost $30K.

Thought I got allocated 10000 shares for Hyflux Perptual for $1. Actually it's only 100 share for $100.00

Key sell 10,000 at opening price of $1. Filled 10,000 at $101.00

Spent the whole day while overseas to buy back naked short. I was 25% of the trading volume that ipo day.

Just only thankful I wasn't sued bankrupt.


Reply to @eugenelau : It's not a glaring error during non trading hours (order keyed a day before). The horror is the opening price and order done sms in the morning.

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