Discussion - What are the mega trends for the next decade. i.e (10, 20 yrs)

Investing (to a certain extent) is about sporting correct trend(s) as well.

Would like to hear from Investing Note community

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1. Increased demand for healthcare services, products & real estate.
2. Increased use of data, AI & automation. 4th Industrial Revolution.
3. Sustained growth in e-commerce.

I am riding on these 3 trends by investing in hospitals, nursing homes, aged-care facilities, data centres, warehouses, logistics facilities and distribution centres across various geographies.


Reply to @Dividend_Warrior : Your investment focus is geared towards real estate assets?

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While people chase tech stocks
I stick to basics
Sheng siong and chang beer will be around for decades


Kallang River joins the Mekong River then the Amazon River & all other rivers to become 1 giant river. Lolll


Old people everywhere
GST 9%
HDB flats with less than 40 years lease becoming a socio-economic problem for the government


China boom is happening, and will continue for quite a while, a few cycle of boom and bust, catching up with whatever still behind (infrastructure, environment, agriculture, food, energy......)


Reply to @boonhuanggoo : I am huge on China Tech. Go look at Baozun (China shopify), JD.com to name a few


Definitely robotics. You can take a look at ROBO or BOTZ ETF if you're ever considering of thematic funds. They generated some crazy returns since their inception.


Reply to @jeremysim : I miss this bull cause I was a pussy to buy

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A lot of automation to save time. A lot of entertainment to kill time.


Huge leap in healthcare. Not surprised life expectancy to hit 90 on avg.


Reply to @Opportunistic_Investor : raffles medical has been very good in Singapore and now it's expending into China which is a right direction.

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