How much cash (minimally) you keep in bank?

I normally hate to see cash growing to an amount more than 3months of my pay in my bank. So i would actually force myself to add something.

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max out the SSB


Emergency funds: 12 months expenses.
Warchest: At least 100k.


Actually, even if one sets aside x months of savings in cash, how are you guys reaping the maximum possible return on the rest of the cash?
Got to put in somewhere to yield returns right?

The textbook answer would be to set aside about 6 months earnings in cash as one's emergency fund.


wow. impressive to see different mindsets on this area.


I...... have no idea actually tbh.


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Yeah, I noticed the UOB WB acc.

Agree it was too much work running around for the little extra $, so I was lucky to have opened the starsaver acc some time back. Flexible liquidity and reasonable 'returns' comparatively.

Ultimately, to find the opportune time to make the killing is probably the only way to 'earn' in a more meaningful manner.

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My CIMB Starsaver is always maxed


Reply to @GrowthInvestor : If someone shares biz opportunities with you, he is probably a conman lol

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this is the question i also ask myself. i think that will depend on ur current status and commitment. I think if u have a family i think maybe more than 70k as emergency fund? As for ppl that getting married, need even more. As for single, i think 20k is enough?

That the question i always has been trying to figure. Nice that u ask i can see others views.


Seems like your 3 months of pay in the bank is your emergency fund.

It is also good to maintain a sizeable warchest, whether one is keeping it in banks, SSB or low risk unit trusts. It is good to have it on standby so that should a bear market or sudden plunge in stock prices occur, one has sufficient funds to start buying bargains if one dares and chooses to.


Reply to @luckyman : will take your comment on warchest. SSB seems the best solution to get some kopi money instead of letting it rot in bank. thanks!!

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Itchy fingers syndrome starts after 30k.


Reply to @Evilcrownofthorns : haha agree.


Would like to ask what savings accounts you guys are using? I am using ocbc 360 for savings.


Reply to @sgchinaman : Multiplier

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