Student here, bought sunningdale at $1.95 and another lot at $1.29 . Holding a paper loss at 400 plus sgd. Any ideas for me? I feel like holding it long term because did my own homework and stuffs like this. Any suggestions what u guys do after a loss ? Hold it or cut loss or what? Bought genting sing also, 1 lot only and didnt make much. Not sure to change stock or hold again. Not at a loss . Abit profit nia, less than 100.. student here only got like 5000 to invest.. $Genting Sing(G13.SI) $Sunningdale Tech(BHQ.SI)

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better zao first. till he next quarter show profit increase.


Wait for 3 months, see what happens, there is a impending sale of a factory in China.


Reply to @alexmay1 : yeap holding onto it also, wanna see their Q2 result in aug and probably get dividend also! Cause Consumer/IT ramping up in Q2 so yah awaiting news


If ur homework says its undervalued and you have faith in your homework then you should add more.


Reply to @Investor101 : Slowly and treat it like a learning lesson. when i initially started out i had no idea what i was doing and just anyhow buy as well.

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There is a very strong support at 1.28.


Reply to @thamwk : Oh! I tot genting Haha! Sunningdale i buy at 1.29

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Your main target in the stock market is to find good buy, not (just) good business. Find good business, keep them on your watch list and buy only when there is margin of safety (25 - 50% lower than what you deem it's worth). You make money in the stock market by waiting.


Reply to @Investor101 : If you play FIFA or soccer, your main aim is to score. The choice of whether to dribble or score depends on your position relative to the goal post.

If you are good at scoring, you can try to score from mid field. In investment, if you can spot great companies, you can buy them at a fair price. This is similar to Warren Buffett.

If you are average at scoring, wait until you are as close to the goal post as possible before attempting to score. If you are not confident in your ability to determine the quality of a company, how much money it can make, how long it will last, then your only choice is to buy cheap. Buy fair companies at a great price.

The best part about investing is that there is no penalty for not attempting to score. Nobody is coming to tackle you, so hold on to the ball and try to spot opportunities as close to the goal post as possible.

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good luck!
KR welcome you!


See if sunny can go above 1.5, then maybe u wana just take a small loss and look for better opportunities.


my simple DCF calculation says sunningdale fair value only around 1.40... due to their very low net income margin , hard for them to generate lots of free cash flow. Hence the low fair value.

Your 1.29 may be worth holding, 1.95 i not sure,



everyday is a new learning curve for me, myself.

the text book cant teach us experiences
the FA and TA cant teach us emotions
the money and time lost teach us opportunity cost

patient is key

*the essence is to.... do things right the first time, and you wont have to do it again.

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