Student here, bought sunningdale at $1.95 and another lot at $1.29 . Holding a paper loss at 400 plus sgd. Any ideas for me? I feel like holding it long term because did my own homework and stuffs like this. Any suggestions what u guys do after a loss ? Hold it or cut loss or what? Bought genting sing also, 1 lot only and didnt make much. Not sure to change stock or hold again. Not at a loss . Abit profit nia, less than 100.. student here only got like 5000 to invest.. $Genting Sing(G13.SI) $Sunningdale Tech(BHQ.SI)

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Dont ask for ideas here .. they will recommend kallang river ... hehehe


400 loss is nothing. don't think too much, next time you bao angbao for friends wedding also a few hundred


Nah you didn’t invest, you spectaculate


i exited sunningdale. i actually dont like what i see in the earnings report. thou today price spike up towards end.


Okay, time to review, sunningdale posted result and genting sing too. Genting sing abit sienz leh, but i believe q3 will be better, as for sunningdale, as long usd strong , wif ramp up in consumer/it can do it!


better zao first. till he next quarter show profit increase.


Wait for 3 months, see what happens, there is a impending sale of a factory in China.


Reply to @alexmay1 : yeap holding onto it also, wanna see their Q2 result in aug and probably get dividend also! Cause Consumer/IT ramping up in Q2 so yah awaiting news


If ur homework says its undervalued and you have faith in your homework then you should add more.


Reply to @Investor101 : Slowly and treat it like a learning lesson. when i initially started out i had no idea what i was doing and just anyhow buy as well.

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There is a very strong support at 1.28.


Reply to @thamwk : Oh! I tot genting Haha! Sunningdale i buy at 1.29

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