Let me ask you…

Have you ever looked at a chart and noticed the Stochastic indicator is overbought.

So, you immediately go short because you think the market is about to reverse.

And here’s what happened next…

The market stalls.

Pause for a while.

…and then it blasts off higher!

Clearly, you got stopped out of your trade and you wonder to yourself…

“Wtf just happened?”

Well, you’re not alone.

That’s why I wrote this Stochastic indicator trading guide to teach you everything you must know about Stochastic, how to use it, how NOT to use it, and why.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Stochastic indicator explained: What is it and how does it REALLY work
2. The 2 DEADLY mistakes traders make when using Stochastic and how to avoid it
3. How to use the Stochastic indicator and “predict” market turning points
4. How to use the Stochastic indicator and filter for high probability trading setups
5. How to better time your entries with the Stochastic indicator
6. When NOT to use Stochastic indicator (hint: it goes against what the “gurus” are telling you)

You ready?

Then click below to learn more...

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