I started my investment journey more actively in 2013. My aim was to build up my nest egg with positive portfolios in SRS, CPF and CDP. This is in addition to my company's pension fund, insurance savings and cash savings. I was also looking at conserving some cash in order to invest in some government bonds.

I have decided to leave my job and my last day with my employer is tomorrow. In fact, I have been on leave for a while now. With the day job out of the way, I am now solely responsible, in every sense, for myself. Personal circumstances may have changed but my approach toward investment is still the same, i.e., long term with fundamentals and preservation of capital.

I will cash out the company's pension fund and along with my other sources of funds, I would be investing on my own just like before. The big difference is that now that I have more time, I no longer need to confine my research to late at night and during my leave. I can attend as many AGMs as I like as long as they are not scheduled at the same time. Yes, I had no guarantee of free time even during 'off days' and weekends in my past day job. I had extremely unpredictable working hours, to say the least.

Since young, I have held the view that as a member of the society, it is incumbent on us to contribute to the society and I dislike the idea of being a burden to the society. Accordingly, I have been conscientiously planning for my retirement, so I thought. I bought numerous insurance policies, I put money in saving accounts, I keep track of and project my CPF balance, I don't spend unnecessarily. Basically that's my plan for retirement and about 10 years ago, I realised that my plan, though sound, is built on the basis that I work till 55 years old.

With the mindset of being a 'useful' member of society, I have no problem with working till 55 years old or even beyond. As I am gearing toward a secured retirement, I have been constantly searching and reading the relevant materials and somehow, I started to find myself reading a lot of materials on investment even though my research was on how to have a secured retirement. Apparently, successful investment equals to successful retirement, monetary wise. In a nutshell, I started reading a lot of investment books in 2010 and at the same time, started doing my own investment, 'experiment style'.

I have seen some success since I started and I began to allot more funds to investment from 2013. For the longest time, I imagined holding on to my day job (got to work at nights rather frequently too in fact) and doing investment concurrently. I can then continue doing investment after I retire. Best of both worlds! I am blessed in my investment journey. A few years elapsed and I started to realise that I have the option of retiring early based on my investment returns. Be that as it may, there is no reason to retire early since I have been coping well with my day job and investment. Besides, I still want to be seen as a 'useful' member of society. Haha, vanity over sanity!

Suffice to say, circumstances changed and deteriorated at the work front and I decided to leave my day job this year. In fact, I am just expediting my retirement plan by 8 years. I still can be a useful member of society after leaving my job, starting with responsibilities to my family and myself first. I think it is fair that after 30 years of full commitment to work, I can now looked forward to no more interrupted family outings, no more late night work calls, no more sleeping with my phone, no more waking up family members at nights and more crucially, peace of mind. Sanity over vanity.

In a true sense, to be a useful member of society is not to burden the society to begin with. Hence, the need to be financially independent till our last day on earth. Therefore, I am quietly excited that I am now able to do what I like and am passionate about full time. My next goal is to grow my current balance in SRS account to 800k by the time I am 62. With yearly compound returns of about 5%, which I aim to achieve, the goal is attainable. Many would say there is no point to accumulate such amount as any amount above 400k is likely to be taxable. Well, I don't mind paying taxes at all, regardless of age, if I am able to contribute as a member of society.

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hi bluechipfan, congrats on your financial freedom. can I get an advise from.you is it a good time to accumulate stocks during crisis at its lowest? Some of my friends are going for dividend yield.


Reply to @guoxiongtoh : First of all I am definitely not qualify to give financial advice. I can only say for myself. For me, I can tolerate strong volatility if I intentionally bought a stock that is paying good and consistent dividends. Prevailing market sentiments would definitely affect the price of any given stocks. If the fundamentals of the company remain good in bad market time, I would buy more of the same stock.


Thanks all for the comments, your well wishes and suggestions (way to continue being a useful member of society!). I deeply appreciate it. Sorry I am unable to reply each and everyone individually. Of course I also noticed there are some questions and to summarise, it seems that we are afraid of having too much free time in our hands once ‘retired’. That’s my struggle as well. However, it dawned on me that we don’t have to be in a full time job to be useful. In fact, I have been ‘out of job’ for sometime as I have been on leave prior to the official last day. So far, the morning routine hasn’t changed which involved a quick jog, followed by driver’s duty to daughter’s school and wife’s office. I am free to do whatever I like till evening when I was joined by the family. Refreshing because they don’t usually see me at all when back!

So how do I make myself occupied? With more time in hands I realised we can get hooked monitoring the market! I almost turn myself into a day trader. Indeed I have made some short term trades and it was rather enjoyable. I have to limit myself accessing the trading platform and stay away from Invest social media. Instead, I have been catching up with friends and ex-colleagues and I also meet up with some other investors at least once a week. Now I thoroughly enjoy the weekend and public holidays as it will be 100% spend with family.

I finished reading, for the 2nd time, Nicolas Darvas’s book, ‘How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market’ by the poolside today. This book depicts how Darvas did his trading while touring the world performing as a dancer. He has no real time access to the market but managed to profit from the it by doing long term investment (it’s actually trend trading). I am FA inclined and it piqued my interest how he managed to do it just by studying chart and volume. I hope I have learned a thing or two.

Life has been a rush so far for me and now I intend to take thing slow. There are many things in my mind but for now, am thinking of ‘transferring’ my investment journal to a blog for ease of housekeeping. The next thing I probably will be doing is to research or experiment whether I cab be both long term FA investor and short term TA trend trader (note: may not be an accurate description as some trends can last years). I foresee a lot of reading and assessments and experiments. That should keep me busy for a while.


Congratulations for the early retirement. It's something that everyone looks for after many years working full time. It was about 22 years for me some years ago. I was never extremely brilliant or lucky to have earned huge remunerations during the working years. But certainly, investing early helps a lot, However, the irony is this...I find myself working even more than when I was working full-time. I just cannot imagine myself doing nothing. Then there are people around us, neighbours and relatives look at us, and perhaps, think differently. Sometimes the stigma of not holding a business card seems odd (some seniors ever told me about it although I did not give much thoughts about it until I experienced it myself.) Sometimes I felt I might not have made the right decision at that point in time. But again, going for retirement is a very personal thing. Congratulate yourself that you are able to do so, while many others are still struggling to work beyond their retirement age. Congratulations, bro!.


Reply to @opy : LOL! I hope that happens ALL the time, but I don't dare put too much hope in such up and down outcomes.

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how's your first day as retiree?


Reply to @Jebus : I think he is really retired. That’s why don’t want to come to IN also.

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U can try some volunteer work which are helpful to society. can adjust according to ur own schedule to contribute ur help... for example http://www.willinghearts.org.sg
they are many organisation need volunteer help in spore... I am not involve in any of them, just happen think of this then name it here :)


Reply to @soyabeanprata : U very smart planning ahead for future!!!
good for u :)
don't wait like me old liao then do all these a bit late liao lor...

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U can go publish a book and fight with https://www.amazon.com/Rich-Retirement-Sin...

Also start at thread at hwz since u retire liao got time pcw


Reply to @wellhandy : follow the thread on hwz. It's on the money mind section called 'official shiny thing's club'

It's basically about dca-ing sti etf and a few other stocks.

It is actually what lead me to get into investing which somehow lead me to IN.

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happy for u that u can retire early... hope I can learn 1 or 2 skills from u then I can retire... I really worry that I can not retire... sigh


When is your book publication? "how to retire by 47"



If bluechipfan is 47 this year.... seems that I still have chance to become like him .... I'm 40 this year... and now then i start to be more actively in investment to grow my money ...


need how much to retire?i also want

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