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Recently, it seems that more people are "unhappy" with the way I blog. Maybe it is because I appear to be saying 1 thing and doing another. And of course, my promotion of the Fundamental Scorecard.

It is certainly quite hard being a blogger, and trying to satisfy every single reader. Sometimes I wonder if I said too much, and being too honest about everything.

Anyway, FYI, I don't earn big bucks from blogging. I am just trying to share what I found out and to be responsible to what I said.

Then again, I am quite happy with how these anonymous are commenting. This meant that my reader outreach have been increasing! Next time, it will be good to put your name. So I can address you directly or even meet up with you.

So with the above thoughts, I felt that, might as well, I do not reveal what this next company I intend to talk about.

I will just show you this research I had done.

Research on The Company

This is solely on 1 quarter of the company's income statement as well as its competitors. I am just amazed how well it had done compared to its competitior.

Do note that its' revenue had been increasing over many years and gross margin had been increasing as well.

In Short

I have actually wrote and is currently vested in this company. I will be looking to adding to my position.

If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information! Do sign up to get the latest scorecard of all the SGX counters now!

You can also purchase a copy of our Guide to SG Stock 2018 for only $8 via this link.

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Hi all, thanks for the support. I am not against those that commented. In fact, I will like to meet them and explain to them if I can.

And most probably being too honest is a naive move on my part. I will most probably leave out the company name in future like the post above. If people were interested, they can always ask me :)

As for Fundamental scorecard, we feel we are just helping that why its priced at the low end. But anyway since $$ is involved, I should be more careful in how I write.


Haters gonna hate. Just redirect those haters to follow the coconut guru or kallang bunny and watch them burn!


Reply to @G0ngJ140We1 : Haha... no need to be like that.


I've been blogging for a very very long time. Used to care about readership and ads and all, but realised that ultimately I'm blogging for myself. Doesn't matter if nobody reads at all. Once I realised that, then all became clear. I don't have to be accountable to anyone except myself, because if I post my recommendations and readers make money, they are not going to be thankful. If they lose money, they are going to blame you! But you are selling stuff, so I can understand your need to appeal to people. There are two ways to sell things. Either u are very good and people flock to you because of your view points. U will see very high quality discussion. Or u can pander to the fickle minded crowd and see low quality discussion. The latter might see a huge rise in readership but is it really helpful? Haha


Haha you can't win them all! I think it's very admirable to be responsible for what you post and even admit to reversing your decisions. Many "gurus" predict one thing then stay silent when it goes opposite. So stick to your beliefs and principles, haters gonna hate! (and anyway no one is supposed to based their actions on your posts alone so why are they blaming you)


Reply to @loghain : Thanks for the support.

I always felt honesty is important. I don't want people to follow me and lose money. In fact, if they did, I felt responsible.

But anyway, maybe this is putting too much on myself as well. I am not a superhero, can't save the world.

I may most probably move forward with how I write this post as per above.


please continue writing... enjoy reading ur post :)
maybe some people have higher expectation on ur scorecard bah...
no matter what their comments, I admire ur truthful to ur readers :)
thanks !!!


Reply to @sysy : Thanks for your support. I believe and have high expectation of my scorecard too. Haha..

Its just that these anonymous people, wouldn't it be better that they tell me who they are? I will loved to discuss!


Better than duckie. Less than 20 viewers and 0 comments. Waiting to build up a hater community.


I do enjoy reading your posts. So keep posting. Expectation will always be higher when $$$ is involved.


Reply to @kc2024 : Understand. thanks for your support.


I think the key is whether do u uphold ur principles.

If u want to be a trusted financial blogger, somemore when u r selling a product, then u need to be consistent with what u r saying ba. Otherwise, how do ppl trust ur product?

That said, I still enjoy ur posts and please keep it coming! U can never please everyone haha.


Reply to @TUBInvesting : No probs. It's a pickle especially when money is involved haha.

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I see nothing wrong with the way you blogging. Is there a typo? How come got 2 Q2-2018?

Opps. I think it is compared against its competitor. Am I right? I think I blur liao.


Reply to @onlybuyneversell : This is 4 different companies and different latest quarterly report. Should have present better!

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