What's the best thing to do immediately after losing a ton of money at stocks/particular counter?

This weekend, I am writing on this topic as my social media friends in IN got hit and injured, and I feel for them. When young, I also make silly errors, and I understand their predicament. The losses were heavy, and I lost all that I made working hard previously. We all learn along the way, by learning from steep losses. Sometimes, once bitten twice shy is good. I become less “gung-ho”.
How I came back up is simple but need a lot of mental strength. Is not easy but it can be done by oneself. Remind yourself of all the good that you could have done for your life going forward. Think it as a test from God to make you stronger. Take the losses as a big slap on your face to wake you up. I believe you can do it. And you have my support.

I have analysed why people tend to lose more after losing big from my mistake last time. The problem, in my opinion, is due to anger. The one who lost a lot will feel the rush of hotness in his head of wanting to recover back what he lost. This “hotness” is much stronger than the rush that comes when you win. He/she will tend to whack big on volatile, risky counters that he/she can recover. Blue chips are usually last on their mind to punt and recover from their steep losses. Sad to say, when you are down in luck, you attract negative energy and your mind is not clear, and usually punt on counters spiralling down. You have to be very lucky to punt on the next right one to recover. More often than not, you dig a hole bigger due to new losses and bury yourself with those steep losses. Credit card/credit lines are all maxed out, and bankruptcy could be looming. Your loved ones all get hurt, and by now you will feel guilty. Hence this is the stage where one should not go beyond the boundary, taking borrowed money to gamble. From my experience, at this stage, the person will feel enough pain from the loss and scar his soul. These scars will then act as reminders, but he will still explore those extremes. To him/her, no risk no gain, as losing so much already and losing balance cash that he/she can access does not matter. My sincere advice is to stop while you can. No one can help you. The extra money left that you can lose is material if you intend to pay back and come back especially if you are still young and got a bright future ahead.

The best thing is to me is to be hurt so much that you know you love yourself enough to give yourself a chance to be successful in this life. We have to wake up and enjoy life instead and come out tops. Life is all about chances. Most successes do not come from money won from the stock market. If you have lost huge money, maybe you are just not good at it. Stop while you can. Make back from elsewhere where you are good and make money previously. The worst thoughts are I must make back from where I lost all from. If one is so bad at it that you can lose all, what makes you think that you can recover back that money from the same place you fall within a short period. You need lots of luck and is gambling to me. Instead, you spend $1 buying toto is safer and better option as if you are so lucky and God wants you to recover, you will strike it rich. If you do not have the luck, and still attract all the negative energy, from experience with clients and friends, how much money also thrown down the drain. As one keeps repeating the same mistake over and over again. Money lost in a stock market is the money you spend all your hours of your day, besides sleep, to earn. All the labour, and putting up with, and trying to dig down and muster up energy for a job that you should feel lucky to have, and skimp, and save. That cash is why you work, and that cash is your retirement/rainy day fund. That cash is to pay for things to continue your existence here on Earth. That cash is not for you to gamble in the stock market until you have no more money left in your wallet. Gambling and investing in the stock market is two different things. Some clients grew rich and retired early with good investing, but most died to gamble in the stock market. Less than 30% of traders succeed in trading and can earn a living based on my observation.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. You aren't the first nor will you be the last to lose a lot of money in the stock market. A lot of people have been in your shoes, including me. You have to accept your losses and accept it as part of what I call the stock market game. Your life isn't over and always keep in mind that things could be worse. If you are really in trouble, get away from the computer, business news to monitor the stock market and focus on things you enjoy or matter to you. You will feel better in no time. Be sure to keep your mind busy. Keeping busy on negative thoughts bring about negative energy and I am sure your life will spiral down further. If you cannot duck lousy luck, then avoid things that lead you to lose more. You have a choice.

I hope this thread reach out to the intended IN users. For me to write again in another way means i feel for them. As there are just too much negative energy around them now and their mind is not clear hence keep investing in shares that spiral down without logic. The only thing i can do for them is write and hope they can come back up stronger. They are high calibre people from their sharing and my observation. Jiayou and stay strong. You have people like me who are concern for you though i have never met or seen you all before.

For further discussion and debate. This thread is not to induce buying and selling. This thread Is just for education purpose only. Please do your due diligence when buying and selling of shares and seek your financial advisors for clarification. All the best.

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ultimately goal is to make money.


only Punt them when its making NEW high..the chances is higher to make money.


Thank you for the post, it helps me a lot. Especially not long after my Creative blunder though it was just a small amount. The impact to mind is major. This also reminded me on a quote I read from @bgting profile - "You don't have to make it back the same way you lost it.". I almost jumped back in to Creative if not have read this quote. Your post is very close to what I went through lately, in the mind. I will have a closure to my Creative blunder when I am ready, hope soon... Thanks again, and a special thanks to @bgting too.


Reply to @opy : Thanks pal. Hope it helps as this post is meant to help :)

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Well said, but unfortunately many of us have to learn the hard way.. Hope all take this advice and act cautiously in this tumultuous market. Don’t throw your anger at Mr Market.. retreat and come back another day..


Very good and important read to every investor / trader! Thank you!


Great sharing in a time like this. I feel that every mistake is a lesson learnt and to make one better. In one really like investing don't give up, but continue to improve and learn from past mistakes.


Thank you for the great weekend read
in stock...
we don't have to be smarter than the rest
we have to be more disciplined than the rest
Warren Buffett


Reply to @lynlynnakamori : Can’t agree more :)


Being in the market for many years . One major thing I learn is if I lost in a counter for a few times , I will 100% delete it from watchlist and never look at it again . Some stock just 8 characters not match .


I think we learn from mistake.! Everything happen for a reason. Whatever you are encountering I think is a blessing in disguise in which God/Universe way of awakening you to become wiser and stronger. Be Positive and face your obstacles/challenge with a Cheerful and peaceful mindset! End of the day is ,you have to make a choice to get up and Be Happy and be Grateful of what we have ..Don't let negativity lead you to another set of problem.. Be Happy and be Positive!


Thanks for sharing

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