Fundamental Scorecard Counters Reaction to Last Friday's Market Correction
- Original Post from T.U.B Investing

This is just a short post to emphasize on how my Fundamental Scorecard strategy works out.

The global market (STI, Hang Seng Index and DJI) has become all red last Friday (2 February 2018).

For my portfolio, I tend to break them into different segments.

From all the segment shown below, you realized that only the Fundamental Scorecard segment did not have a counter that make losses.

Do note that the change is calculated between the share price on 26 December 2017 and as of 2 February 2018:

If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information!

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Congrats! Don't give up ! I think you will find success coming soon!


Reply to @Sporeshare : Yup. should continue to improve


Good effort, hope your business will improve over time...


Reply to @2V_ : No problem. Thank you.

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lyn lyn give you LIKE too...
thanks for the post


Reply to @TUBInvesting : huat ah!!...
people can write is cheap...nothing is easy and not so simple.....lyn lyn sure you are working hard for both investing & business....all the best

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Know you have a business to take care, but stocks are meant to be bought together so it can go up not counting in the fa/ta part. Anyway give a like for obtaining good results on your business :)


in currect context, results speak for itself.

u wanna sell? show results.
every single yr, throw 10 stock names per countries which u and ur team members cfm with ur scorecard will hit homerun or atleast in positive grounds with above average rtns.

if u can do it with 5-10 countries every single yr and bring abt a yrly 10-20% returns. u dun hv to sell. ur returns are good to keep u in business, ur supporters will flock to ya with their wealth.

btw, dun show pass records, nobody is interested in history.

2ctns worth.


Reply to @durian_kia : sure. suggestions are welcome.

but if its in terms of back testing and presentation and results, we are in most of doing it up.

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Gentleman's, no point discuss so much without showcase your trading results...

I don't write much, yet still producing track records!

In investment bank, we don't talks like folks in IN Note.

Successful trading is about your characters, psychology in majority.


Reply to @God_Of_Stocks_Scalper : Guys.. this guys talk big one leh.. last night his attachment got a leak...
7% gain there is below $100, haha.. which means his capital for each stock probably is just about 1k...
I mean he has good returns on his stock picks lah.. since 2016 haha..

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Hi TUB, since you ranted previously, here are my honest, logical opinions. A bit on investing, a bit on pure err, business I guess, from my personal experiences in running a real life business:

1) If you say you believe in your method (and I applaud that!), then why do you have a mish mash of stuff from all over the place? When you wanna get the buy in from others, it's like any other sales in any other business, you show the clients the problem, you let them own the problem, then you explain the solution, and finally, you provide the tools to implement the solution. It's hard to convince if your own portfolio is a mish mash of stuff. Why REITs, why US, why HK and worse still, why "speculation"?
There should only be 1: FUNDAMENTAL (or whatever u wanna call it) SCORECARD. Fullstop. Go all out. Full steam. Focus.
Imagine your scorecard picked out just 2 names (AEM and micromechanics), I mean, there's really no need to do marketing then. The results would market you. (I meant, pick out ONLY these 2 k. Lotsa armchair warriors here have an opinion on 100 stocks, and when 1 shoots up, they shout like they are the next WB)

2) For your portfolio size (and you've previously honestly and frankly stated it ballpark wise), you own wayyyy too many counters. This means that your position size in each is puny. I know, cos previously you mentioned you sold LTC completely, and I happened to see that the total volume transacted on that day was very little. Something like 700 shares or so. Wouldn't this mean that your transaction fees are proportionately very high? My transactional costs (for SG) are 0.2%, with a min of $20. This means that for me personally, I am loathe to make any movements that has a total value of less than $12,500. Cos it means I'd be paying more than the 0.2%. (my broker is somewhere here following me on IN, and he's a good chap, but I'd prefer not to pay more than what I have to, thank you)

3) A varied portfolio like this also means that your assessment is very superficial, and unless your knowledge base is so wide, it's very hard to gain a competitive advantage to beat the other folks out there. Investing IS a competition after all. You are essentially saying that the markets, which is the net opinions of every tom dick harry out there participating, is wrong while you're right (in varying degrees). So if you own this and that and all that, unless you are a super genius, with superior insight into many industries, it's hard to have depth. No depth also means no confidence to stand firm in the storm when the winds are blowing hard against your position. I think we previously discussed Trendlines, I'm guessing that's under your "speculation" portfolio. Like I said then, I cannot figure out how anyone can assess Trendlines.

4) A total quantitative method is only half the story. In today's world, it's maybe even less than half. Cos the numbers are a given. Number crunching is easy. Anyone can do it, except the lazy. There's no room for laziness on the winner's podium. So what you're providing, is merely a way out for lazy guys, to paint just half the story.
The qualitative part is the really difficult part.
Honest. I shit you not. And this scorecard, as we privately discussed too, has no qualitative aspect.
Qualitative is difficult cos it involves 2 parts: gathering the qualitative data, and more importantly, interpreting it.
Whereas the numbers is all about gathering and putting it into a table. Not much room for interpretation right.
Which is also why there are so few really good fundamental reports (That are free anyway), cos it takes a lot of effort and is really hard to do. So either you mix in some qualitative stuff superficially (but that's of little value cos everyone would know the superficial stuff), OR you go full on anal mode and dig until you become SME (but you'd have.... maybe... 3 or 4 ideas in a single year only. IF you're that hardworking). Again, let's think about it logically, imagine all the analysts churning out the reports, they do this full time, they have the full suite of news and other subscribed resources available to them, they work in teams to come up with a report. How would a single quantitative method, be able to compete with those guys? Even a combined quantitative and qualitative method would be difficult without superior insight.

My 4 cents worth.


Reply to @NeVeRAgAin94 : oh he did? I didn't know.
wow. that's very good then.
very very good.

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Reply to @duckie : Maybe because traders do not have a fixed portfolio.

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