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i love bread.
on watchlist - $QAF(Q01) - entry price will be at 1.3 , estimated retrace to 1.275 region.

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rubberducky :

long term uptrend. i'm just looking for opportunity for entry based on my TA retracement. Might not happen, but if it does retrace, good chance of rebounding at 1.27+, so I'm planning to get in at 1.3.

lucaschiang :

on my watch list too! wonder on what basic that it'll retrace so far down?

onlybuyneversell :

Based on TA or FA? Just curious.

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I have roughly work out the discounted eps for past four years . Using current eps of 9.07 cents(excluding divestment gain).
The discounted value is $2.075 x 0.8 = $1.66.

If base on ops cash flow ( not net ops cash flow) for past fours years , the discounted DCF value is $1.844 x 0.8 =1.475.

Current price is $1.27, Yield 3.913%( 5 cents p.a.), NAV 95.5 cents.ROE 20%, Net income margin 11.8%.

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$QAF(Q01.SI) What happened ? What's with the sudden drop ?

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