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Posted by: rubberducky 1.12 K
Target Price

i love bread.
on watchlist - $QAF(Q01) - entry price will be at 1.3 , estimated retrace to 1.275 region.

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rubberducky :

long term uptrend. i'm just looking for opportunity for entry based on my TA retracement. Might not happen, but if it does retrace, good chance of rebounding at 1.27+, so I'm planning to get in at 1.3.

lucaschiang :

on my watch list too! wonder on what basic that it'll retrace so far down?

onlybuyneversell :

Based on TA or FA? Just curious.

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Posted by: heartlandboy 7.31 K

I have released a summary of what trended at $QAF(Q01) AGM 2016.

Quick Summary of my review:

1) Challenging operating environment
2) Potential tax issues may reduce profit margins
3) Dividends did not increase due to requirement for high capital expenditure in 2017
4) Potential catalysts such as strategic review of primary production

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Posted by: Sporeshare 28.5 K

I have roughly work out the discounted eps for past four years . Using current eps of 9.07 cents(excluding divestment gain).
The discounted value is $2.075 x 0.8 = $1.66.

If base on ops cash flow ( not net ops cash flow) for past fours years , the discounted DCF value is $1.844 x 0.8 =1.475.

Current price is $1.365.

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Posted by: evelow 30 K

Let's talk about bread and puff.

Which bread shop and curry puff shop do you visit and why?

Some that I like include Breadtalk, Four Leaves and Crystal Jade Bakery. My latest favourite is Swee Heng 1989 Classics.

Updated 9/3/17:
Since the comments included the discussion on OCK, I shall include OCK as another of my favourite though not vested (yet). $OCK(0172), Can you bring back the CHILLI CRAB PUFF !!! It was better than the curry puff in my view.

What about you?


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