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What are some of your pain points when it comes to stocks investing?

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Overwhelmed by Too Many Stocks (700+ in SGX)
Brokerage Analyst Reports hard to find when you interested in a stock
2 votes
No Access to IPOs' private placements/Difficulty in getting HOT IPOs
7 votes
Still New to Stocks Investing
5 votes
No Investment System to dictate when you should buy/sell etc
3 votes
Too Little Time to pick and monitor own stocks
6 votes
23 votes
Voting is ongoing
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Can't change your choice?


Reply to @mj0101 : Dont think so.. new poll not very sure on the technical side of things


(For SGX) Great stocks are rare, good stocks are limited, junk stocks are abundant.



market fluctuation too small / low


Thought pain point is when you are losing money... haha..


Reply to @gagnant76 : Not really.. pain points are like "obstacles" that you face..


Can add one more option? 'Warchest is never big enough'


Reply to @Hachiko : oh can ask IN to improve this liao.. cos i cannot add more options.


Too little stocks in SGX

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