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Jan 2018 - Old Boring Turtle's CPF Activities (Be rewarded when you top up in Jan / Early each year)

One more step forward to my another stream of retirement income.

Retirement Sum Top Up - CPF SA: $7,000
Voluntary Contribution - CPF MA: $3,113.41 (Met MA Ceiling $54,500 for 2018)

Both activities provide tax relief, so my tax relief so far will be at least $10,113.41.

My CPF MA interest (4% pa) $2,180 will be able to more than sufficient cover the H&S premium for myself, my son and daughter.

From Feb onwards, employee + employer CPF contribution will flow into OA and SA account since MA ceiling has been met.

While you are trading and building your own portfolio, do not forget to build another stream of sustainable income for retirement.

For me, I will pick the lowest hanging fruit while I continue to manage my personal investments as part or retirement planning.

Updated on 5 Jan 2018:

What happens when you hit the CPS MA ceiling cap?

Read more

Very volatile market recently.

Make sure you don't lose your trousers aka your retirement monies.

CPF monies should always form part of your retirement allocations with the almost risk free returns.

I like to take this opportunity to remind my bros and Sis here in IN and advocate the beauty of CPF top up and tax relief. A relatively lazy method to save for retirement and taxes.

If you haven't top up for this year, so consider since it's only Feb and returns are compounded on a monthly basis.

Happy weekend - Old and Lazy turtle.


hi turtle bro, am I still eligible for tax relief in 2017 if I top up in January 2018?


Reply to @smallfry : FOC insurance paid by Govt - Why norts? lol

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nice i also wanna top up! just that i was comtemplating between ma and sa.. lol
i think quite a number of ppl dont like the fact that they will be locked up till 65. but if we contribute early at 55 can take out a sizeable amount
the tax saved especially for those in the 7% and abv bracket is a sizeable amount.


Reply to @ahwen : My pay average .. non management.. 打工仔

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Good job Bro! Cpf remains one of those few places where returns are truly compounded. It is good as one part of an overall retirement plan :) my MA is almost maxed too, and I didn't see it this way that the interest will pay for the premiums of the h&s lol


Reply to @Turtle_Investor : And a very happy new yr to u as well!

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I don't quite understand the reason/rational of fund being locked up. Fund in CPF is comparable to life insurance plan or private annuity fund, which also 'lock up' till maturity. Similarly if you touch your insurance or annuity before maturity, it will affect the payout. I think CPF is a good saving plan. We just have to be sure that the fund put in can stay till 62 and we don't need it till then.


Reply to @Bluechipfan : Thanks for sharing yr views.

Like I always said, before we put money into any instruments, we better understand the risk rewards else we better stay in pure liquid cash.

To me CPF life will be my first annuity for retirement, FYI I do not have any insurance which covers retirement planning, I don't think they are safer or higher returns than our own AAA sovereign rating country's pension scheme.

We probably should consider our current situation/stage in life before designing the retirement route we want to take, ie a fresh grad probably have a diff mindset compared to me old turtle at 35yo.

The idea is to build additional income stream (tax relief aside if you don't think it's helpful) for retirement and plan early.

We probably shouldn't just rely on CPF 100% alone and should continue to pursue other income streams for example our own dividend stock bond portfolio and our active income.

In case one strategy failed, we do have back up plans at retirement.

Hahaha I do hope I old turtle could live a long life to enjoy cpf life payouts if not, the money will be distributed to my family as part of my legacy.

Sorry, I am quite long winded here but yes, to each his own and just ensure we understand the product before we stick our head in, we should do well. As said there are always more than one ways to Rome.

Happy new year once again.


To each of his/her own. if gt extra cash and just wan a risk free 4% interest. however one need to note that contribution to cpf means that there will be no withdrawal until 65. I will not advocate those who have just started working to immediately use cash to contribute.


Reply to @Laksa : u r right. as the years goes by, the frs also increase accordingly to inflation rate. so what would be the frs be by the time u reach 55?

Next consider most of us use OA to pay for our housing loan , can we really reach say xxxk in 20yrs time?

what about new gov policies? cpf act can be change according to the time but i would like to think that with all remains equal, then investing more into SA is def a gd choice. risk free 4%. nothing is free in this world lol

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Reply to @layers : Haha thanks for sharing, plenty of reasons not to contribute and based on each persons profile and stage in life, they are all valid points.


I think good idea to move to higher interest in SA if possible. I have max my SA years ago and the interest I received for 2016 just exceeded $10k.


Reply to @theintelligentinvestor : buy need to clear housing first n dun intend to buy more property with OA.
Also need to leave some space in SA for cash to up income tax relief

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Good saving for tax relief + earned higher interest to pay for hospital insurance . Win win situation .


Reply to @Turtle_Investor : V GD. Is good to save when you are working and your financial means allow you to do so.

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make me gian use my warchest to top up


Reply to @Turtle_Investor : I only 113k now but haven't pay finish flat! :(

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