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Target Price

Maintaining profit growth of 5% over last 3 FY
Despite stable revenue shows prudent cost management but partly from more cost effective contracting services.

Increase ridership will drive bus & rail core business growth if cost management on the latter is successful.

The other core taxi business is facing headwinds with limited 1-3% growth Y-o-Y and have taken learnings from uber/grab with better benefits to consumers. What remains if it can continue to adapt to remain competitive long run.

Overseas business remain flat and are affected by weaker exchange rates.

Nevertheless with 70% payout, 4% yield with potential upside on growth through cost management. $2.57 remains the target price in near future.

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Lunner :

One off Spike , sustainable momentum or further growth?

Sporeshare :

Price likely to be under pressure with so many attention on Grab, Uber and new operator for electric taxi. Rev likely to be affected.

Sporeshare :

Reply to @Lunner : yup! driver has more preference to choose which operator that will provide them the best and flexible way that suit their lifestyle.

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theintelligentinvestor :

Question is whether public transport can offset the expected lower in taxi, automotive engineering, inspection revenue? Challenging times ahead, CDG must focus on cost management and play offensive against Uber/Grab treat.

theintelligentinvestor :

Reply to @Lunner : Yes, hopefully Public Transport Services will be the saviour. Possible upside from BCM full year contribution, regulations for private car etc. Unlike SPH, CDG business is more defensive, bus, train, car inspection will be there for a long time.

Vested in CDG and Vicom.

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Posted by: JLeong 7.02 K

$ComfortDelGro(C52) reporting live from CDG AGM:
Meeting just started, some administrative setbacks. Chairman missed a person wanting to ask a question. chairman's attitude was poor, hostile/arrogant tone. Shareholders voiced their disapproval toward this behavior.

Hope this poor tone will turn around soon.


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Posted by: lynlynnakamori 24.3 K


Comfort can break 2.60 and move up!?
stay tuned!

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Posted by: MasterLeong 8.9 K

sometimes the risk of setting a low entry level would be the risk of missing the boat $ComfortDelGro(C52)
when CDG fell from 3.00 to 2.40 a drop of 20%, I felt it was a great opportunity to board
I myself was buying from 2.40 to 2.50 range... ended up with 15,000 shares at average price of around 2.47
some people commented that they wanted to wait for 2.20 or 2.30 to buy CDG, ended up they missed the boat and now CDG is around 2.65

so do not forget... if u put too low of an entry price, you run the risk of missing the boat, cheers

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