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$ComfortDelGro(C52) $BYD COMPANY(1211)

HDT Singapore Taxi to double its taxi fleet this year

BYD launches biggest E-taxi fleet in South East Asia

BYD electric taxi fleet to start engines in Singapore

After Hong Kong failure, China’s BYD joins Singapore to launch electric taxi fleet

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cks :

BYD, a company that attracts Investor like Warren Buffett

lijiw :

basic salary and CPF.. why not.. haha

marcdelrey :

Wtf siao or genius? I didn't know about this taxi entry lol

Connoisseur_1976 :

I feel Investors who are investing in CDG now are not thinking of contribution from their taxi segment.

goh6570 :

Guess CDG will be indirectly affected with new taxi operator come on board

tweetyinvest :

Good luck to them.. now they left train business that is left undisrupted

onlybuyneversell :

Gg. Seemed like a bad time to enter cdg. Competitors everywhere. :(

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Posted by: JLeong 7.02 K

$ComfortDelGro(C52) reporting live from CDG AGM:
Meeting just started, some administrative setbacks. Chairman missed a person wanting to ask a question. chairman's attitude was poor, hostile/arrogant tone. Shareholders voiced their disapproval toward this behavior.

Hope this poor tone will turn around soon.


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Posted by: lynlynnakamori 24.3 K


Comfort can break 2.60 and move up!?
stay tuned!

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Posted by: MasterLeong 8.9 K

sometimes the risk of setting a low entry level would be the risk of missing the boat $ComfortDelGro(C52)
when CDG fell from 3.00 to 2.40 a drop of 20%, I felt it was a great opportunity to board
I myself was buying from 2.40 to 2.50 range... ended up with 15,000 shares at average price of around 2.47
some people commented that they wanted to wait for 2.20 or 2.30 to buy CDG, ended up they missed the boat and now CDG is around 2.65

so do not forget... if u put too low of an entry price, you run the risk of missing the boat, cheers

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