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It is very disturbing to hear people talking about how uber/grab are killing taxi. What people don't understand is that no doubt there are impact but do people really know what is the impact?

Touch your heart, how often do you really take taxi in the past and how often do you take uber/grab now? I bet some people here don't even take taxi for the past 10 years but is currently using uber/grab due to "promo code". So technically did taxi lose customer ?? I also dare say that many passenger are taking uber/grab due to the promo code and cheaper fare (uberpool and grabshare).

The key problem that hit the taxi industry hard now is the amount of taxi driver jumping over to uber/grab. This result in empty taxi sitting there doing nothing. Taxi driver are also not given much incentive unlike uber. I once spoke to an uber driver and he told me that there were certain incentives from uber. The more attractive one were cheaper rent and incentive for driving on the road with app turn on (even w/o passenger).

The promocode are to effective in luring customer but how long can this last? No doubt grabshare or uberpool are cheaper in fare but they are meant for people who are not rushing for time. I believed once uber/grab promocode craze are over. The taxi business would be back and most likely with new look. Maybe new scheme for taxi driver?

Thus over the long run i believed CDG would climb up to where it used to be. We also have to remember in mind that taxi are not their only business.

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Sporeshare :

Mkt is flooded with too many taxi.Is it a GD sign?

Sporeshare :

Reply to @div1g4in : I think may not be that Gd at this moment . The other operator is trying to let go ..

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Sporeshare :

Looks like a correction may take place ..last Fri price closed lower then previous doji candlestick.

Sporeshare :

Reply to @theSage : Have to ensure you have yr plan in place.Dont hide too long become super long term..I think current price is still exp.

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Sporeshare :

I think even without promo code,Uber and grab pool sharing is so much cheaper .Even the standard car also costs cheaper ..many taxi could be left idling .Rev likely to go lower .

Sporeshare :

Reply to @theSage : Oic.Is a good way of transportation.Taxi is still quite fairly reasonable price

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layers :

one thing i see is taxi drivers have resistance to change. or CDG management not doing a gd job? some drivers I talk to have no idea how to implement flat fare if there is more than 1 drop off location.

one driver, I told him, need to add himself. he dun believe as he said there is no way to add into the bill/receipt. he only.know how tonadd in erp charges.

my friend took a cab and there is no erp charges. think uncle dunno need to add. can see on the ground, alot of drivers are confused.

heetecktan :

Technology disruption is everywhere and this does not apply jus to CDG. Innovation creates a new market and eventually disrupts an existing and displacing established market leading firms. When i attended DBS session, Ah neh openly declare that we are a technology company and embracing fintech as the way forward. Only visionary leaders who have foresight can have the extra 1% edge over others. Rest will become Kodak. my 2c

theSage :

wow cdg has flew back....

Angewandte :

Reply to @financialfreedom : CDG also got a part in sbs :D
but investing is SBS is fine too haha

Noctis :

comfortdelgro need to innovate something smart

Angewandte :

Reply to @Noctis : totally agree. maybe hire some msian or tiong to be full timer driver.

rubberducky :

take more taxis everyone, hah

financialfreedom :

@yjlim.excellent.time to buy blue chips,i think noble will drop more

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$ComfortDelGro(C52) reporting live from CDG AGM:
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