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2019 Reverse indicators galore! LOL!


Jialat, now I got confirmation bias liao. How ah


so what is the outcome of all the picks for each firm? make or loss?


Reply to @gagnant76 : Top 6 common picks all cui max! LOL! GG!


so, anyone makes money from these picks?


$1 coming for Neon Lights


wow, Huat man. powering past 970 soon. currently it's the very first long angmoh candle. heading past $1? Lolll


Reply to @Gracian : also, today it finally cleared 0.96 resistance convincingly.


Neon lights so bright. Good thing i never exit when my contra due yesterday but paid to convert all my 50k entered @ 925 to free float.


affected by cooling measures?


CIMB mostly speculative shares, quite doubtful.


Reply to @AllenYip : Agreed. Their past research reports already showed their lack of quality. These reports include buy recommendations just before the companies went into receivership. Example - Ezra, Swissco, Swiber

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$ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) $SBS Transit(S61.SI) $VICOM(V01.SI)
Seeing quite a few IN members sharing their portfolio quarterly updates got my doggy paws itchy too! LOL! Here is my maiden quarterly update! WOOF!
Bought CDG at 2.33 back in Feb this year. It has since appreciated 10.3% in a month! Must be 狗屎运! LOL!
Highly-cash generative, asset-light model jin huat! Population growth in those non-mature BTO towns means more MRT, LRT & bus lines in the future! LOL! Their Vision filled me with belief!
CDG owns 75% of SBS and 67% of VICOM, two great subsidiaries!
SBS Transit huat + VICOM huat = CDG huat!
The dividends I received from CDG is enough to cover my yearly transport expenses! LOL!

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Rising tide lifts all boats! LOL!
Master surfing the tide!
$DBS(D05.SI) $Sheng Siong(OV8.SI) $HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI)

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I become a great believer in focus fire in 2019! LOL!
Divested all my tiny rojak penny short-term trading counters, then concentrate my photon cannon on a former 'darling' stock of Master!
In ML we TRUST! LOL! @MasterLeong @johnfinkel

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