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Posted by: abcbread 3.77 K
Target Price

Toto didnt win, CDG order also not filled... Haiz.

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abcbread :

in the long run, do you think CDG will still be a good investment?

theintelligentinvestor :

Added another 5 lots today, total 15. Consider to accumulate more if it drops further. Will never catch the bottom but I think $2.4 is a fair price.

tanswe77 :

What is everyone's next target entry for this counter? Looks weak with big boys continuing their selling spree.

Sporeshare :

$2.40 must hold. If not, sayonara!

turbin95 :

2.40 strong support for cdg

wx1985 :

Wah brave sia really got board

MasterLeong :

So now 2.40 u boarded or not?

ffseeker :

still waiting for this counter to come down...

div1g4in :

I woud only buy it if it drops below 2.40, probably XD time can re-considered entering.

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Posted by: JLeong 7.02 K

$ComfortDelGro(C52) reporting live from CDG AGM:
Meeting just started, some administrative setbacks. Chairman missed a person wanting to ask a question. chairman's attitude was poor, hostile/arrogant tone. Shareholders voiced their disapproval toward this behavior.

Hope this poor tone will turn around soon.


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Posted by: lynlynnakamori 24.3 K


Comfort can break 2.60 and move up!?
stay tuned!

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Posted by: MasterLeong 8.9 K

sometimes the risk of setting a low entry level would be the risk of missing the boat $ComfortDelGro(C52)
when CDG fell from 3.00 to 2.40 a drop of 20%, I felt it was a great opportunity to board
I myself was buying from 2.40 to 2.50 range... ended up with 15,000 shares at average price of around 2.47
some people commented that they wanted to wait for 2.20 or 2.30 to buy CDG, ended up they missed the boat and now CDG is around 2.65

so do not forget... if u put too low of an entry price, you run the risk of missing the boat, cheers

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