Hi everyone! Tis’ the season to be jolly!

We’re teaming up with @simpleinvestorsg, a veteran financial blogger, to giveaway 5 hardcopies of the book: The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason.

This book is a true classic that was originally published in 1926 and it teaches timeless wisdom on personal finance and investing. There are a total of 5 copies for 5 lucky winners and they are sponsored by Simple Investor.

To win the this special book, just follow the 3 simple steps and the book will be mailed to your doorstep!

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Post your personal investing tip in the comments in this post.

The top 5 personal investing tips with the most likes by 1 Dec will win!

*5 winners will be contacted via this post and email. Winners will need to provide their mailing address for the books to be delivered to you.

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Hi everyone, below are the list of winners with the highest number of likes as of yesterday. Congratulations to the winners!

@cedricyang @yapjt @wellhandy @Spinning_Top @GongJiaowei

We will email you shortly. So please let us know your mailing address and the book will mail to you.

At the mean time, thank you everyone for your participation and thank you @simpleinvestorsg for your giveaways to the community!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Reply to @InvestingNote : Thanks. Will check and reply. sorry for the delay.

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Thank you so much everyone for the great comment. Very good sharing. We still have a few hours before we close this. We will announce the results tomorrow:) The comment that has the highest like at the moment is from @cedricyang with 25 likes! https://www.investingnote.com/comments/484179

Anyway, there will be 5 winners:)


the only book I dont read - facebook...
I truly dont have it and wont create. lolx


Reply to @smurfy : Wow, we are proud to be in your list of social media platform:)

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Don't go with the herd - only animals do that


Reply to @livelifefreely : REally? Bitcoin, ruling party , smrt , idolism etc.....

Seems like majority of us is part of the religion herd too.....

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Investing isn't a get rich quick scheme, those who think so will only realise that the the highway goes both ways - Gong Jiao Wei


Reply to @GongJiaowei : Support best friend!!


If you want to open Char Kway Teow store, you must learn how to handle a wok. If you dont know and hire a cook, you will be at his mercy

Likewise if you want to make successful trades, you must know how to read charts.
(adapted from AK blog)


Reply to @TeddyBearMarketWoof : lol

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One must learn to save before you can start investing. If the habit of saving is not cultivated, diving straight into investing would be result in disastrous situations when the big red bear arrives.


Buy and Hold Strategy like Warren Buffett


Money Management

The internet offers several methods, but fundamentally, it should look like this as an example.

I have 50K trading account.
Every trade, I should only risk x% of my trading account size.
Every trade, I should aim to get 2-3x% of my trading account size.
For me, the x value is 2%.
Thus SL = 2% and TP = 4-6%.

When I buy a counter, for example, AP Oil which I recently posted. My entry price is $0.26, SL is $0.255, and TP1 is $0.285 TP2 is $0.295.
People can ask why my SL so close to entry, it depends on your methodology. For mine, it will turn bearish if it breaks my entry price.

So for this counter, how many lots should I buy?
Here's the calculation:
2% of 50K = $1000. It means I can afford to lose 1K per trade.
Now use this 1K to divide by difference between entry and SL = $0.26 - $0.255 = $0.005
I can buy up to 200 lots. BUT I only have 50k, how can I buy 200 lots (which is 52k). So I can do 2 things: 1) Adjust my 2% to 1%. 2) Increase my SL to say $0.25 by using another indicator.
This is prudent money management. Why?
Out of 10 trades, I dont need to win all 10 to have an overall profit. I dont even need 50% hit rate.
All I need is 3 wins to gain profit. (6% x 3 = 18%, 2% x 7 = 14%)
And if you use your methodology properly, 3 wins out of 10 is really quite average.

I can adjust my TP accordingly according to macro market sentiment, but at least I know if this counter goes bullish, one mouth can clear all my losses at 2%. TP1 can breakeven my 5 losing trading counters.

So that's why I say in my previous post on SBI and discipline, it is really OK to lose. You just need to have a good chart, a good method of discerning the chart, a good discipline, and a good plan.

Some people outside charge 3k to 8k teaching such basic stuff, because that's how they take money from junior traders. I learnt it the hard way from the market as my teacher, so take this and apply to your trading as you deem fit. You may copy somewhere or share, it is free. And hopefully your trading journey can become better. Let's all learn and huat together!


Reply to @cedricyang : Thanks for sharing! appreciate the example given :)

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