Japan, the cross-road between two nuke-weapon producing countries, Nikkei at 21-year high, 20881.27. US, a potential target of the nuke-missile, Dow Jones at all-time high, 22830.68. HK, nearer to north than SEA, almost all-time high, 28,389.57. Singapore at the peaceful part in SEA, range-bound, 3000-3,300. Forward three steps, retreat two. Interesting market!

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STI....Finally, playing catch-up....


How many % gain in the Portfolio for a year is sufficient. Some say better than the index is good enough some targets 10% more than the index. I think we should have a target per year and should be happy about it once we have reached it. Our fellow investor TUB is targeting 10% per annum and he has achieved it Long time back and he is not complaining about the SG market. I think we should have our own plan for each and every stock we buy and overall target for the Portfolio.
My SG portfolio rerun is in the image. I think it’s quite good. Hope the rest of the year will be fantastic.


got small amt in us and hk.

hope they huat! us 1 sure ia exciting rollee coster


As long as Singapore stocks do not become S-chips can liao. LOL


Reply to @soonhongtan : Mr Tan.... potato chips better....haha


As long as no crash it's ok, I am still collecting my dividend. Just there is no excitement.


Reply to @wellhandy : Nope, I am just a regular conservative investor, I do not have the gut to venture into any unknown market. Only pure Sg play for me.

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Range bound people, range bound markets.
Continue to value invest bah. Let the younger ones venture other markets, the older ones can range play all they want.

Maybe Singapore can start the lost decades (with an s) like Japan did.

The longer the range goes, the more they want to range and the harder to break free.

But range can still make money. The superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville still made upwards of 20% per year between 1957 to 1983. (see my Performance of Portfolios series).


Reply to @wellhandy : whr got I still keep long term

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