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The fees made me wanna flee away. lol


As this is an ETF to be listed on SGX, one can buy a lesser unit and pay the normal commission. Investors are unlikely to sell lower than $1 per share, given that they have already forked out SGD450 for 50,000 shares. Investors are still subject to 17% tax withholding and management fee which isn't known currently. REIT is not as difficult to understand compared to stocks, and moreover a lot of information is available for it. For me, I will give it a miss. How much more will S-REIT move, given the already moribund market? This is not your DJ or S&P index...


How is this the first reit ETF in SG?


The fees still to be on the high side . Just saw one blog stating it .
Application fee 450 ( crazy fee )
50,000 unit min ( Fair )
Withholding tax 17% ( eye ball rolling )


Reply to @learnerlim : Hmm..i think I won't take up..I am contented managing my own reit counters now..

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What are your view on this new ETF Reits


Anyone into this etf ?

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