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As much as we want to be rational and objective in our thinking, there'd always be times where we lose out to emotions. This infographic shows the process of how investors lose out to their emotions.

How many of you here can relate?

If words too small, just zoom in via your browser.

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pymsingapore :

Nice. I believe everyone started investing fall into this cycle. Mostly give up after one or few cycles. The one who never give up and sticks to the basics will have a higher chance to succeed. :)

layers :

when buying a company, u think it is a gd company n buy. next day drop. kanjiong liao

YokeMing :

Reply to @layers : haha this is very true too.

Spinning_Top :

So True..I have been through the stage 'I will never buy stocks again'...lol

YokeMing :

Reply to @Spinning_Top : yeah haha... + strong fear

diyquant :

that's the reason why more and more of the algo trading, robo trading, quant fund are beating the conventional fund.

JaneChoo :

Nice chart easy to understand

lynlynnakamori :

very colourful.....nice sharing!....thanks

lynlynnakamori :

Reply to @YokeMing : looking forward to that!!.....thanks

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