Morning all! $DJI(^DJI) dropped again. Diam diam Stocks have been dropping for days and a dead cat rebound will come anytime. Today is Friday and normally ppls don't like to keep stocks over the weekend. This is the time where dead cat rebound can happen. So don't try naked shorts today. If morning market drop, afternoon may rebound.

$APAC Strategic(5RA) - those watching APAC trading pattern should be able to see power. For this counter, normally if BBs wanted to throw down the price e.g. at 61 on Wednesday, they will throw at one go and place a few k lots at 61. Retailers hardly have a chance to sell at 61 then. But they didn't did that. They still allow retailers to throw at 61 on Wednesday. So yesterday we should expect retailers to queue sell at 61. BBs computerised ate up the 61 lots in the morning. They ate retailers lots and then put 1-3 k lots again at 61 to show retailers that still have many 61 sellers. When 61 sell queue reached a certain level, they ate up them up again. This is very pro. BBs give ppls the impression that there were many 61 sellers. But during matching, we can see they show their true colour by putting out 2k+ lots to make sure it don't close at 60. I believe they have collected enough lots at 60-61, and today likely be showtime. Watch out.

$Polaris(5BI) - Yesterday I mentioned that 31 got 10k sell queue liao. Big sell queue can provide a reference on where the price may go. 31 is also the resistance. Yesterday morning the price suddenly moved too fast. I throw some at 31 because this is the last biggest queue and also the resistance. But another reason is that it moved too fast. This counter normally want to up one pip must take quite a while. When suddenly runs too fast is abnormal. When big lots were thrown down at 29. I follow to throw part of them again at 29. Later 29 buy queue slowly build up by retailers again(I said retailers because the lots add up in hundreds. Normally BBs for this counter will top up in 1000lots), then another big throw at 29. This time I throw all out. We must always take note of big lots thrown down. If this happen, better follow to sell. If BBs thrown 2-3 pips down at one go, sell immediately without hesitation.

$Terratech(40I) - Anyone who watch Terratech trading on Wednesday and Thursday will noticed that BBs place big lots at a certain price. Then they eat up their lots immediately. They do a rollover I believe. This happened on Wednesday at 183 and yesterday at 174. When happened after the rollover?. The price will drop. Bengkuang BBs likes to do this. Next time you all monitor yourself and see what happen.

Just some morning sharing. Huat ah!

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It seems big fighting started for $APAC Strategic(5RA) , big buy up followed by big sell down at 61...


Reply to @Stockcham : I cut during closing and lost commission fee. Totally no patience at all. Every day trading at 61... Saw today got more trades done at 60, not sure how it will go next week. Wish you big huat ah!

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Wow, $APAC Strategic(5RA) matched to 63, hope it's for real! Any TP today, bro?


Reply to @Stockcham : I'm doing contra so can not hold. Will have to cut it today. Wish you big huat ah!

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Bro I really love your post! Very helpful and enlightening!

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In this soft market, this week I'll still try to pick some counters which I think have a chance to move up. Im looking at $MFS Tech(5BM), $Kori(5VC) & $Terratech(40I). First 2 counters have seen increase in volume with a sudden move up last Friday. $Terratech(40I) hit 130 twice recently before it rebound to 140. When it dropped again last 2 sessions, it still support well at 130 with better volume. It may have hit a temporary bottom. There's a possibility of a rebound this week.

Huat ah!

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Target Price

Many peoples may not agree to what I'm going to share now. In weak market, we usually advice peoples to stay sidelines. Stay at sidelines is safe rather than throw money into the drain. But is it the best way to stay sidelines. It depends on how you look at things. I'm not against peoples to stay sidelines when market is weak. But at times, we can look for opportunity. Is there any opportunity in a weak market?. Of course there is but whether in weak or good market, there is still risk. So if you can swallow the risk, then you can try. Frankly, my opinion is if you want to be a good trader, you will need to go through the storm rather than stay sidelines. Only when you go through will you learn something from there because if no money is involve, your emotion is not trigger and thus you can't really learn things by staying sidelines. But one need to know is that if you intend to go through the storm to sharpen your skill, you will also need to reduce your risk by going for smaller position and trades. By doing that, it will not hurt your pocket too much while you are experiencing the storm.

Now let's talk about opportunity. The opportunity in weak market is to pick durians before it rebound. Is it easy to pick durians?. Not easy. You need a lot of guts to do that. Durians got a few types. When market drop a lot, everywhere is durians. We don't just go and pick any durians that is on the ground. We try to pick the better durians which have a chance to be musangking and safer to eat. Of course, nothing is 100% safe. When we go to pick durians, we may encounter storm again which will shake more durians onto the ground. But if we want to have a good durian feast, that's the risk we must take. So what kind of durians to pick. I based on my experience to share some below.

1) A stock that is green among a sea of red on the bad market day shows power.
2) A RECENT POPULAR stock that have dropped too much in a day with big volume
3) A RECENT POPULAR stock that have dropped continuously for many days(due to bad market sentiment & not company issue)
4) An uptrend stock that have dropped due to bad market sentiment

Point 2 & 3 are very important. Reasons is because

1) BBs was around recently. So some may not have fully unload or they may still be interested in the stock because their plan to push up may be spoilt by the bad market.
2) When a stock drop a lot, it can also rebound a lot.

We don't choose a stock whereby it only drop a few pips during the bad days because when it rebound, it only rebound a little. We also don't choose an old timer stock where the BBs is not in working mode or no BBs.

So now, how to pick?. We need to do some homework. We need to pick at support price. The stronger the support, the better and safer. Stronger support means support that have been tested many times previously or Fibonacci Retracement support or trendline support.

I just RANDOMLY choose 4 counters for explanation purpose. Below are the chart for Rowsley, Spackman, Cosco and Terratech. You can see that the closing price is still a few pips from the stronger support. That tells me that these counters can still drop. We know that Friday Dow dropped nearly 400 points. This will mean that chances for these 4 counters to drop and hit their support on Monday is HIGHER.

We know that everyone is in fear now. Stock market is like that....when many are very bullish, the market toh. When many are in fear, the market can rebound especially after a SHARP DROP. Based on this theory and the charts, my prediction is that Monday these counters MAY hit their support and rebound. Market cannot always drop. Even though market is still weak, there will still be rebound before it drop further. So after we pick durians and the market rebound, we need to sell the durians to other peoples on the rebound. We don't hold longer trying to make more because we are not in a bull market.

$Thomson Medical(A50.SI) - Support around 146-148 area
$Spackman(40E) - Support around 90-91 area
$Cosco(F83) - Support around 275-285 areaa
$Terratech(40I) - Support is at 36

Do remember, when we pick durians we also need to set a SL price. I would suggest SL 2-3 pips below the support price.

The above are for reference only. Not an inducement to buy. And the above are for discussion purposes. If you don't agree to pick durians in weak market, it's ok but don't hoot me for telling peoples to pick durians. Anyway, my views may not be correct and market may toh further. So dyodd plssss. We share and learn together. Let's see how Monday perform.

Last but not least, I declare that I don't have the above 4 counters. Pls note that I'm not focusing on these 4 counters but just anyhow choose 4 counters as examples.

Wish all can huat huat!
Just some weekend sharing! Huat ah!

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$Terratech(40I) had conned many recently. There will be once where it will have real move. Thursday market weak but this moved up. Interesting right?. What makes it more interesting is that $Tritech(5G9) also moved up with GOOD VOLUME. Something may be going on here. Can Terratech have real move this time?. Tomorrow we will know. Huat ah!

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Can you remember what I said when $SSE(^SSEC) started to crash down?. I said the crash is not so simple. There's some problem with the China economy which we don't know. Then came the news of China export drop. That time, SSE still move up, but I said this is a SERIOUS issue. Now the picture is getting clearer. On Wednesday, I said I gave $DJI(^DJI) 2 weeks to break 17k but it did it in a day WITHOUT effort. Frankly, I didn't expect the big drop(530points) to start yesterday. I expect to see that this coming week. This is the reason why I said any rebound is a chance to run road.

Last time I have a discussion with a trainer who believe in buying to invest for long term. I threw him a question..."If the global markets going to crash, will you cash out first?". He can't answer me directly. He said we will not know when the global market will crash and when the market will reverse. I cannot accept such answer because investment is not so simple as to buy and keep holding on to it.

Bros & Sis, what is Dow's 530 points drop mean to you?. We have seen the signs of a bear coming. Are you convince?. If Dow's close below 17k with ease cannot convince you, so can Dow's drop of 530points(3%) convince you?. I'm going to make a BOLD prediction and going to give a BOLD advice. if you are still not convince, then we wait and see. Now fear has started to hit US market. I PREDICT that we will see an even bigger drop of at least 800-1000points(at least 5%) in a single day. If you see this, then it is a final confirmation of a long bear. My advice to you is not to pick durians now including the blue chips because blue chips will become blue shit soon. Why still go to the beach when you can see signs that a Tsunami may come? It's better to stay at a safe place to watch first. For those who are still holding on to stocks especially blue chips, my advice for you is to get out of the market first. If you still haven't get out after my posts on various blue chip charts, it is still not too late. You can buy back cheaper next time. Why get out?. Because China economy just started to show weakness. It will not recover so soon, and this will continue to haunt global markets. For contra players, pls avoid completely because it will be very difficult to play.

The above is just my prediction based on my experience. And my advice is just for your reference. My reputation is at stake for giving such bold prediction and advice. But it's ok for me if it doesn't turn out the way I predicted. It's still better than talk talk after things already happened.
Pls DYODD & KKKHH. Good luck to all of us! Huat ah! Huat ah! Huat ah!

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