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lkcs0202 :

Remind me of swiber. After things happened then take action. Sad.

SGX reprimands Swiber Holdings for breach of listing rules

Ultrawoof_Loyz :

Calling muddy water to join in to deal the KO blow

ultramanrex :

bedok reservoir later or.kallang river will have lots of CDP statement with counter noble

kaikiatong :

Well written Iceberg article on Noble. Very direct and clear. How did Noble raise $500m in 2016 and $750m in 2017 when their deception was uncovered in 2015. Big question! Didn't see this side of the story in the main stream papers.

pohjunjie :

Sounds similar to the Nokia story.

ForeverAKAzad :

Anyway, Noble got a base now at $0.365, her price cannot go below this level anytime soon.

ForeverAKAzad :

Reply to @kaikiatong : Can't go below 0.36 any time soon. Big shot masterminds behind it, SGX cannot identify them. In the name of White-Knight they are hanging carrot every now and then.
Eventually after some time, her share value must have to be a big big ZERO, by this time few small fish will be found floating in Kallang River.

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fasthandy :

Iceberg's accusation of MAS and SGX is dumb because they probably never heard of this famous song called "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" in Malay aka "Abang Adek"

Hongyiyi :

Reply to @fasthandy : Short SGX then and see heavy or not .. haha

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Long :

Don't jump just run

patricklam :

Is funny how the last report impact compare to the today report. I have yet to see any critical shorting. By closing we can see a closer picture, if noble really has a hidden white knight.

ForeverAKAzad :

Compare to Golden Agri Reasources, which shares prices now $0.38, Noble share prices should be not more than a single cents.

ForeverAKAzad :

Reply to @bgting : $500m market cap, US$3.2 Billion debt and US$1.93 Billion Loss, and people still buying/queing at $0.38???
Actually Gamblers are playing, not the investors, not the traders.

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$Noble Group(CGP.SI)

I was at Invest Fair yesterday. At the end of the day, after finished listening to the seminar, I passed by the booth by Ronald K. At some point, an old lady talked about the stock Noble Group that she has held for many years and asked for diagnosis from Ronald K. Ronald K's decision is it's better for her to sell it.

Even though I have different opinions of how he looks at stocks, but for me Noble Group is a debt-ridden company with no signs of recovering. No earnings, no cash, bad debts. With such a company, I wonder why people still holding on such stocks.

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