I know that a lot has been written about $Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI) both online and offline. I initiated a small position in it last week at 0.555. I outlined my 3 reasons in doing so:

1) Belief that the repairs for Queen Mary is closer to US$mil compared to US230mil

2) Sufficient cash reserves to fund the cost of repairs in the next 2 years

3) Sufficient margin of safety even if Queen Mary is written off. I think 42.5% gearing, 9.2% DPU and 0.62X Net book value are fair for an overseas hospitality REIT.

I am mindful that this is extremely volatile so I am instituting a stop-loss once share price dips 15% below my purchase price.


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Guys and Gals, I hope it is ok for me to say I welcome the difference in opinions may it be positive, negative or neutral. I actually learn more about EHT from the back and forth than from anything else. Fact, opinion, psychology, and trend all come into play and the market decides where the stock goes, not us individual retail investor. Please don't take criticism or questioning too personally. A question has to come before the answer. Thanks All!


So I've been blocked by Master Leong as expected. Ask him to show proof about his comments that the other 12 hotels are in similar situation and there he goes. Such an emo person smh.


Reply to @CoryLogics : He made a generalized statement hence I mentioned that the SSH merely sold 6 and not all the 18 hotels, meaning the ipo price shouldn't be halved as he calculated. He could have just said it's based on probabilities and acumen so that everyone who reads his post knows it's yet to be proven. Full-stop. Instead he directed me to another post of his whereby in a monologue, ML to ML, he mentioned something about 'these 2 persons....you know who...also doing the same to the 12 hotels". This is ridiculous and you know he's giving false info.

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I see some early signs of stabilization. More bargain hunters buying in & seller appears to be fatigued.....🙄


Reply to @minx99 : Masterleong speechless now

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like waste of money leh


Reply to @SSJ4 : The lesson learnt is priceless


HLB's disciplined sticking to stop loss yesterday, just saved him from another -10%++ today.

Already starting to look like a gd move.


their situation which started with "Queen Mary" issue has been compounded by substantial shareholder selling


NAV for this eagle trust is $0.80 plus ... is this info still correct ??


Reply to @vvan : You are absolutely right!

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almost half price from ipo liao
before learn how to make money
must learn how to avoid stepping on bombs


maybe they should release the result asap and not wait until next week.
i dont think it can survive for another week.... 😆


Reply to @kkt : If one day drop 10%, 1 week later will b another 50% losses. Really 🔥烧金子 (sio gim zhua)


Reply to @Wyne : Hahahahaha many shareholders already pulling their hairs now, n r going to join their botak clan soon 秃头一族。 but on serious note, anyone buying this shouldnt be looking at its daily share price. Just treat it as a non-listed share

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One of the decisions I made to my portfolio last week was to sell $Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI) after it reached my stop loss level and re-invest it into a new holding in my portfolio, $UnUsUaL(1D1.SI). This is gradually beginning to look like a good move as I am already sitting on some paper gains at the moment. I was alerted to UnUsual Limited after attending a talk organized by SGX whereby a RHB analyst spent 5 minutes talking about this small-cap gem.

My reasons for the investment are:
1) An integrated production company and promoter with few competitors nationally
2) Consistent and strong revenue and earnings growth since IPO
3) Strong pipeline of events to be recognised in upcoming financial quarters
4) Scalable business model

Find out in more details about my write up on $UnUsUaL(1D1.SI) in this article!.


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