Wah jin headache, receive many PM about $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) rights issue.

Firstly, the timetable of key events is per below:

Some read already still blur blur, so let me try and summarise in the most layman manner.

CR, XR - I believe this is self explanatory and most should understand. The confusion is in the subscription of rights, excess rights and purchase/sale of rights.

14 Nov - 28 Nov 

  • For you to apply your entitlement and excess if you wish to.

14 Nov - 22 Nov

  • For you to transact rights in the open market, meaning you can buy more rights from open market (independent from the above) or you can sell your rights in the open market.

Closing Date I do not think need to explain.

6 Dec

  • Your new shares appear in your CDP. If you are using custodian, most likely same day or within 1-2 working days, this depends on your custodian.

1 More Common Question:

  • No mother share, can subscribe to the rights? The obvious answer is no as you have no entitlement. However, you can buy the rights in the open market to obtain the mother share.

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At the end of the day, Capital is the winner... from left hand to right hand....


Reply to @muhdhazman : You give too much credit to uncles and aunties. It’s the students wreaking havoc 🙂

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I think ascendas reit buei song that kep dc reits took the limelight. 😝


Reply to @NinjaStars : Could b. Read something along that line in news

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jskm ninja jin popular


Serious note, i like their new acqusition. Diversify the portfolio into US.


Reply to @MrWolf : their 1 acquisition, is alr bigger than the sum of a couple of recent reit IPOs, satki

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The new dpu after rights is 16.1c?


Can ascendas pull off another kdc moon show? Haha


Reply to @jasongan : Lai ah, ascendas reit mai su sei ah. Overtake kep dc, ok 👌

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So let’s buy the rights!


Reply to @richdad : Yup. Let’s see. Hope all good got investors like us!

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Everyone please dun apply for the rights & excess k, thx bye! 😜


Very steep disc, no good to investors.


Reply to @AllenYip : do nothing also earn money. Ah gong gives money , take lah

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Thanks for the summary bro... One newbie question as I have not done this before - how do I buy the rights in the open market? Care to share? 😊

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Not much transactions going on recently.

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4 December bought $OCBC Bank(O39.SI) at $10.60.

6 December got my $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) RI at $2.63 (subscribed for 10,200 and was allotted 5,500).

Hope to see more bargains in December!

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$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) officially became my number 1 holding!

18.97% in terms of portfolio value and 17.04% in terms of portfolio cost.

Really glad to have a Stocks.Cafe Account which acts as a portfolio tracker and the many other features available.

Scale up with the BB huat ah! 

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FSM $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) RIGHTS ISSUE UNITS ARE IN!!!!!!!! @sporeshare

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$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) rights issue huat gao gao ah! Comment below to share how much you allowed and how much you were given in total! Eg, allotted 144, gotten 1000!

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It looks like quite a decent acceptance by shareholders for $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) $Ascendas Reit R(PPNR.SI) $Ascendas Reit R1(8ZMR.SI) rights issue.

Hope can get all my excess application!

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