[Ask-Me-Anything Webinar]
US Trade War. HK protests. Looming recession.
What entails for the US and HK stock markets right now?

We've invited a special host @ValueInvestAsia Stanley Lim, CoFounder of ValueInvestAsia.com and Co-author of “Value Investing In Asia: The Definitive Guide To Investing In Asia”, to talk about the current market conditions and also to answer any questions you have relating to the US and HK stock markets.

So for the week, from 19 August (Monday) to 25 August (Sunday) 2019, simply leave your questions in the comments below for Stanley to answer in his upcoming webinar. His webinar will be broadcasted here in our platform on 29th August, Thursday.

So, go on, ask your burning questions on US and HK markets in the comments below ↴↴↴

*questions not related to the US and HK stock markets will not be entertained*

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Thank you all for all the questions! My reply has been posted here :)


Hi Stanley, in your opinion, how likely will the trade war continue to worsen? What cards do US and China hold at this point to have an edge over one another?


Given the uncertainty of the trade war. Is the US still a good place to be invested?


hi stanley, given such a one-off crisis in hong kong now, where/what sector do you see opportunity in buying value stocks in the hong kong market right now?


hi, what is your view on the reits sector in HK , esp retail reits like Link and Fortune ?


Again ,Lee Kah Sing had moved most of his asset outside of HK.Is it the end of story of HK growth? Thanks


Good day Stanley.What are your views on Alphabet and Booking.com?What are their major risks and growth catalyst?


Any interesting HK stocks worth checking out now, as a result of this protest?


Hi Stanley, I would like to ask in view of the current Hong Kong protest, what would be the likelihood of the Hong Kong market recovering from its losses in these few years? What are your views on the current Hong Kong market and is it still safe to invest in Hong Kong stocks despite the ongoing protest?


Hi Stanley, regarding the US China trade war, I would like to ask which sectors and industries would be most affected by it and what are your views on the relaxed measures by Donald Trump in view of the upcoming holiday season? Do you think that the Chinese government act of devaluing the Chinese Yuan is a good strategy to implement so as to counter the rise in taxes?

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