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$YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SI)

Yangzijiang shipbuilding - is it sinking amid China's continued anti-corruption campaign?

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First things : who is being suspected ?
Second: does he have direct connection with YZJ ?
Third: does the company still have value to long or short in future ?

I longed YZJ... And that's what I'm wondering.


Mr. Liu has been suspected of corruption and undergoing investigation. Mr. Ren is assisting investigation. Both are kept separately from each other for investigation purpose. Mr. Ren has not been suspected with corruption. This is what I know as of today.


Reply to @FA_TA : Mr. Liu has been issued with this order. Mr. Ren has not been issued with such order.

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Sank!!! One way ticket now. Shortlists lose due to halt. Longist wait to lose more when stock resume trade.


I attended Bear Prowl's talk that day when he made a bearish call on YZJ .Got people question him for such bearish view. It is good that I did not forget his forcast I did not keep it for too long.I look through my record I sold at 13 May .Thanks to him.I have no regret today.


Reply to @Hanzo : Old pot la, but delist still ok

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If the company announcement confirm then bye bye lo....


Kopisoh said her grandmother taught her never to catch a falling knife . . . not even a butter knife . . .


Donovan - shitty guru resume rubbish analysis again.


Reply to @traderx : Haha I don’t follow people recommendations one haha

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For years, this company is able to sustain its biz with reasonable revenues and profits despite the recent years of instability in this sector. It is not surprising that its biz sustainability maybe due to the aid of corrupted deals. Now he is missing for 2 months and maybe he knew it’s time to run road. Corruptions in China are heavily deal with including execution by firing squad. For many faithful investors, this cruel outcome is as bad as facing the firing squad.


Reply to @stockwinner : Not missing, Rumors should be banned. ☹


When a shipbuilding company started wading into the business of financial leasing, you know it is sailing into troubled waters... on hindsight.


Fortunately, YZJ only makes up 1% of the STI ETF constituent. https://sginvestors.io/analysts/sti-strait...


Reply to @Hanzo : STI reserve list all reits, lol. (in order of size) Mapletree Commercial Trust, Mapletree Logistics Trust, Suntec REIT, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust and Keppel REIT

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