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the diivdend distribution is only mentioned on ART slides. nothing is said on AHT slide. not sure AHT will distribute Nov dividends


When is the next dividend payout date for AHT ?


Reply to @terrylim2 : u leave must be gao gai now

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oh yea. I forgot. If i sell now also will forego the next dividend. so will be a 1.2k less profit....


I just got my wife to sell all her AHT shares due to lower yield plus odd lots. I sold mine long ago, as you mentioned Hospitality Reits sucks although AHT improved in the last few years.


Reply to @layers : Maybe when the dividend is announced the price will drop. Doubt the price will rise above 1.0868 when CD.

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If great loss, how come price went up?


Reply to @layers : If that is the case and you do not like the merged entity, perhaps it will be best to just sell and redeploy

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I own both. I think will be good for AHT in the long run. The merger will also boost the capital appreciation for existing AHT shareholders. In fact I added more AHT shares yest.


Reply to @terrylim2 : not much diff la. if u see the table. market has balance the scale

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