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$ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) still can fight ma??

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All I can think of now is flooding of promo codes. Time to abuse them while it last.


Reply to @KallangRiverWoof : No worriy, burn finish just have to go look for another 凯子 er I mean investor

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So much cash to burn?


Give it up SG companies. It's di di chu xing pattern, new pattern all the time.

Since some SG companies overpriced while entrenched/slow to innovate, cannot buy, then compete.

Meanwhile, good companies less people recognize, take private, relist elsewhere.

If we don't recognize the growing small and mid caps, the small and mid caps will be no more soon too.

While there will come a time when SG income counters are world beaters in future total gains, a little growth counter infusion can't hurt.

Don't worry, keep calm and buy more reits, keep comms high, and focus on attracting more reits.


Reply to @Elliot : yea but then again in China, it's not really fair competition....
Local businesses always win

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Wow! Grabis really here to stay!


Can last very longggggggg. DDCX now planting a seed on GRAB let it grow.

After GRAB is steady in SE Asia, eventually DDCX will try to take over GRAB.

Then DDCX will control Asia while Uber control western countries.


Wonder how long $2.7 B can last for Grab. Picture for reference. :P


Reply to @onlybuyneversell : Nice picture lol


More than 1/2 cdg market cap. Insane. That makes CDG look cheap. #HoldingCDG


wow. $2.7bil.
wonder what valuation did they assign to the entire company then....
At this rate, Grab might as well just take the money and buy out CDG!


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Can buyout but need to fire all drivers. Might be the first case in sg if go through?

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