Heng I sold off at 2.15 and never looked back, when the strategic review news was out and the priced spiked out.
(shared in my older posts)

I saw it as an opportunity to get out of my mistake, was very fortunate to broke even and not lose any money in this bad trade.


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1.50 faster lai lai


haha I was buying at $1.94 while you were selling. intend to pick up more tomorrow haha.


Reply to @luxcan : V Gd points noted! Hope your vision come true! Huat ah

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tmr xd... 1.7x coming


Yup, best not to fall in love with any stock. Fundamentals change, time to ciao le


I sold at 2.23 with the dividend. At that point of time, I think even the strategic review go through, the upside is limited.


Reply to @sUp3rb0s : This is calculated risk. :) When you buy a stock, must calculate the risk vs reward and follow the plan throughout.

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Let's see how mkt react tomorrow ! May be muted.


M1 1.80 level no buy
1.60 level also no buy


Reply to @RetiredOldMan : Oic.I am kind of opposite from you I like M1 service , but MGMT is just getting their salary we HV no control over them.

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M1 continues to drop, 1.80 maybe support level followed by 1.60
not vested, not buying
awaiting SH and ST results


Reply to @RetiredOldMan : 1.60? u can predict ah?

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M1 failed to sell itself off is a big big red flag... I would just avoid
even 1.60 or 1.80 I also WILL NOT BUY


Reply to @RetiredOldMan : Yeah, this one is falling knife.

Red flags:
- Majority shareholders failed to sell off stakes bcos bidders probably gave low-ball offers
- Earnings keep dropping
- Dividends keep getting cut
- TPG competition incoming
- Already confirmed not partnering MyRepublic


now u can buy back

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$M1(B2F.SI) if SPH/KC does really makes an offer to buy out M1, it would likely be higher than the recent closing price of 1.63

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when is the bottom?
we never know...
1.80 broken... next/final support at 1.60 level???????

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I really dun like M1
but if really got 1.70 or lower
I may consider
maybe only
previously sold away for 2.15 level and not wanting to look back
but it keeps falling and falling.... dunno when the bottom will be
its very hard to estimate the PE and yield for M1 in 2017 full year and in 2018
its hard to give a fair value to M1

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