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In this post we bring to you a Company that we think is set to be caught in the middle of a perfect macroeconomic storm, severely impacting both its business segments, and also getting hit from FX and impairments

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can see who are the speculators in this counter



Reply to @Master_GongJiaowei : Woah. Now not only got guru in investing and trading, we have a learned social scientist here, studying human behaviour. Pro leh

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Good job BearProwl. It is an angle investors ought to keep an eye on, not just the top and bottom lines....... Keep up the good work!!


as much i disagree with the TP, i do like this type of post with decent details for discussion, as it is rarely seen these days.


Reply to @LFO : haha their profit margin are more or less the same for past few years except for year 2016. quarter to quarter comparison is quite meaningless imo because the revenues depends on the progress of ships that they can bill, but cost is used to build new orders and continuing of current work in progress.

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Very normal for bears to be bearish...


how to derive 0.5? why not 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 or 0?


Reply to @WonderStock : Our target is based on expected 2020 valuation taking into account possible effects USD devaluation, slowing chinese lending to hit a portion of the lending portfolio, and shipment order cancellations as we are expecting a global slowdown in 2019.


@thebearprowl, just curious, so which of these 3 estimations are still in play as of now?


Reply to @mmiindfulness : @thebearprowl , since you're the #1 Winner of SGX/Investing Note Bull Charge 2018 Challenge // #3 Place in UOB/SOCGEN/SGX DLC Challenge 2018, you must be pretty skilled, knowledgeable and could be taken seriously.
so which of those 3 estimations are still in play as of now?
looking forward to hearing from you and humbly learning from an AWARDS winning person like yourself.


$Us will be weaken soon & dry bulk index hv been below 2k for quite a period of time. ,currently below 700..Possibility to hit below $1 soon based on this stat..1q19 definitely worst then last yr..


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Icic. Swee sia you, have a massive war chest! :D

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It happens once, will it happens the second time


The lowest price of 49.5 did happen in oct 2008. It plunges from 2.50 to 49.5 cents in a span of 11-12 months ! Will history repeat itself again!!


Reply to @Sporeshare : If I am not mistaken, YZJ lowest price was 30 plus cents.

I think that happened during the market crashed period.

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YZJ down 30% today and halted on possible fraud and halt of financing business.

In March 2019, we had a post commenting in the risk and a short target for $0.50

Our calls were also explained during our monthly meetings at investingnote sessions.

Do follow us for more updates

$YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SI)

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