I could be wrong lah. But it's going to take A LOT of bad stuff for the stock to plunge to my stop loss level. Good fundamentals (High ROE, High Earnings Growth); Good tehcnicals (Rising uptrend) and now stock is heavily oversold.

The only reason for things to not go my way is if company fake earnings fake revenues. Then that one is not under my control already. :-/


Reply to @winstonwisdom : can list so long and pay increasing divvy plus never asked money from shareholders and never see high turnover rate from independent directors then also management + coy do buy backs eg. at 1.13/- last yr.

i think the actions alone from the management clarified your doubts. 0 cts taken from shareholders, pay increasing divvy and buy back shares when prices r attractive to them.

also might as well ma.. why recent quarter not cont make fake numbers?

i think not all s chips are rotten, just so their pool has higher numbers and you gonna study and dyodd on them

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This is one of the Daring counter for 2018. 2019 lao Hong ! Watch out 1.09 level ..