$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) Stock price dropped mainly because of two (negative) analyst reports. It's strange but I am actually interested to scoop this stock up. :-/

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Philips has a positive outlook with TP of $1.55


Reply to @winstonwisdom : not surprising analyst change tp regularly

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sad, I was setting 1.22 in the morning then after set finish I decided to go read around IN to see got any delicious news bo, then finally around 9+ I came across the 2 analyst bad report abt sunsine and siao liao, I hurry go in to cancel my order and instead of seeing my otp sms, i saw trade filled @_@


Reply to @yong2579 : I know how u feel, i also like that before

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i think the shorting is not over wait for it.


Reply to @Jason_Lin : go in and collect later. relax.


relax relax. wait drop abit and stablize then buy.

advice from a holder btw lol.

am gonna add when it dives lower


$1.16 is actually a good entry price but I'll watch this stock over the next few days before going in. Of course, I'll have my hard stop loss set since I ain't no stock guru/forecaster. :-/


negative report is for the BB to pick up on the cheap! lol


While YoY saw a good increase, but QoQ saw a fall in revenue and net profit, as well as EPS. That could explain why the fall in its share price.

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$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) Why it's so important to pick fundamentally sound stocks?

$STI(STI.BK) fell by over 1.5% today, China Sunsine is only affected very slightly (down by one bid price only). :-) 

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$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) 7% returns in one week. :-)


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$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) Buying when everyone else is selling.

My buy zone is between $1.10 to $1. Sell all when stock price goes below $0.90.

Hope I don't end up the fool. :-/

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$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) Once it goes below $1.10, I think it's a good time for me to start accumulating. I'll keep my stop loss around $0.90 (1 year low). The upside is $1.60 (1 year high). This makes the risk-reward ratio ~ 1 : 2.5. Praying for it to reach my buy-zone in the next few days. :-)

Let me know if you guys have anything to add. :P

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