Hi Everyone, we’re going to have a special Ask-Me-Anything sessions for our new channels!

AMA stands for “Ask-Me-Anything”. AMA is a "crowdsourced interview" where our community asks a host questions, within a specific period of time. For the entire week, from 28 January (Monday) to 3 February (Sunday) 2019, you will get to ask our hosts anything related to their channels!

For this Forex Channel, you host is For the Forex Channel, your host is @SonicIdeas, The Founder and Creator Of SonicR System, Sonic Mastery Course.

Before becoming the most popular system on ForexFactory, Sonic Mastery have long found their roots in sharing knowledge and open sourcing their formulas. 

Sonic Mastery's mission has always been simple: continuously improve ourselves as Traders and help others become better Traders.

Go on, Ask Him Anything related to Forex by posting in the comments below for this AMA post and he will reply!

*standard community guidelines apply*

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Thanks everyone for participating in our first AMA sessions ever. The AMA sessions have now officially come to an end.

A special shout-out to our kind AMA hosts for answering all our community members' questions! They really did a great job!

We will have more of such sessions to come, for now Happy CNY everyone!


How to trade correctly and profitable in forex?


Can you share with me which strategy do you use to do intraday trades, example 5 mins or 1 hr and daily trades ? And when do you usually do it, the time frame and indicators that you use ? Thank you.


Reply to @summunchiew2 : Hi there,

I would not suggest any new traders to dive into lower timeframes trading such as 5m,15min.
In fact, the lower TF trading is suitable for more experienced and well-equipped (better data feed and lower spreads) traders. A normal retail trader will find it hard to stay afloat in the low TF trading environment.

I personally operate on daily TF.


Which instrument do you prefer to trade forex? Forex futures or spot forex? Why?


Reply to @SonicIdeas : which forex broker do you use? since a lot depends on broker, i'm not sure spot forex is lower cost than futures

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@SonicIdeas Whats the view on USD wrt to SEA and emerging market currencies? thanks


Reply to @pratikrc : Hi there,
As per our view, we are in the last leg of the awesome bull stock market. The current market situation is somewhere similar to 2003-2006 period.
So, we are on "Risk On Period" and USD is known to be on the slide side.
We have been Bullish on pairs such as Gold and NZD/USD for a while now, and it shall accelerate further up for now.

So, for the SEA currencies, you "should" trade in the form of physical currencies but not under the leveraged form. example USDSGD, I will not advise you to trade as a CFD product as this pair is considered as pegged currency where the market movement of it can be pretty contained.


Feel free to ask your host @SonicIdeas, anything related to FX!

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