Hi Everyone, we’re going to have a special Ask-Me-Anything sessions for our new channels!

AMA stands for “Ask-Me-Anything”. AMA is a "crowdsourced interview" where our community asks a host questions, within a specific period of time. For the entire week, from 28 January (Monday) to 3 February (Sunday) 2019, you will get to ask our hosts anything related to their channels!

For this HK Stock Market Channel, you host is @ValueInvestAsia Stanley Lim, CoFounder of ValueInvestAsia.com and Co-author of "Value Investing In Asia: The Definitive Guide To Investing In Asia".

Value Invest Asia is a financial site that have been shortlisted by Singapore Exchange (SGX) Orb Awards as one of the three “GoTo.com” financial websites in Singapore.

Value Invest Asia is here to bridge that gap, to provide the information necessary for investors to make informed decisions when investing in Asia. Much of the financial advice given in the market today are filled with conflict of interests. Value Invest Asia search out their own research, cut through the smokes in the market and get to the truth. Value Invest Asia only relies on public information and seek out the best of the best investors to learn from them.

Go on, Ask Him Anything related to HK markets by posting in the comments below for this AMA post and he will reply!

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Thanks everyone for participating in our first AMA sessions ever. The AMA sessions have now officially come to an end.

A special shout-out to our kind AMA hosts for answering all our community members' questions! They did a great job!

We will have more of such sessions to come, for now Happy CNY everyone!


Any thoughts on the pork shortages in china now and investing in WH Group Ltd? Also, any thoughts about investing in chinese expressways such as jiangsu or anhui for a defensive, dividend play seeing as REITS are so overvalued now?


Reply to @metalcorn : Any shortage would mainly be a short term issue. As supply and demand will just swing around.
I think investing in toll roads would require us to understand more on how gvmt policy is with these asset and how pricing is determined.
I personally haven't reach the level of confidence to invest in these assets yet.
Generally, I think REITs are easier to understand


What do you think of Greatview Aseptic company? I was going through their annual report and some figures that baffled me and could you help me out with it?

What does it mean when the Account Receivable is in negative (Normally i see this figure as positive in other companies' annual report) ?

Same thing goes for Inventories? What does it mean when it is negative?


Reply to @christopherlim2 : Hi, that is the cash flow statement. So not the balance sheet.
If you go to the balance sheet, you will see its account receivables and inventory level.

When in the cash flow statement, when it is negative, it just means that money has moved out of the company. So in this case, they have not collected their A/R as much and have been paying for their inventory, so its cash flow is negative


What are the counters or industries to specifically avoid for newbie in HK? For example, in SG, i was informed that I ought to avoid S-chip companies as they have a tendency to "bubble" their financial figures


Reply to @christopherlim2 : Yes, I think as I mentioned in other comment. If you are new, try to stick to the Hang Seng Index stocks as a starter. To get used to the market


Hi Stanley,
I recall that you recommended Tencent.
Government has been hard on Tencent, crack down on games sector, now these crack down has spread to even video and news sector which Tencent has exposure as well.
With so many obstacles, what is current your view of Tencent?
Should we expect with slower growth?


Reply to @ValueInvestAsia : Hi Stanley,

Apology for the wrong word used.
Thank you for sharing!

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lyn lyn wish to learn HK Stock...
what is your recommendation?


Reply to @christopherlim2 : Hi, I don't really have anything against SOE. If you are just starting out, I would say try to stick with simple business, more established names and companies with good cash flow, good ROE and paying a dividend

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Why some counters have a huge gap in price between H-shares and A-shares?


Reply to @ValueInvestAsia : For example, ping an counter. A share and H share differs by about $10

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Hi there is no dividend tax in HK. But China based companies listed in HK do have a 10% tax when they are transferring the money to HK for dividend payment


Reply to @ValueInvestAsia : I am looking at Ping An counter in HK and Shanghai. Should i get the A share or H share then? i am looking at value growth


Hi all. Stanley from ValueInvestAsia here. Nice to meet all of you. I am sure we will have a great conversation among ourselves this week.


What are the stocks affected by trade war and what stocks can buy now?


Reply to @zhangzzg : Hi many of the Chinese exporters are definitely affected. Most of the stocks in HK are badly down in 2018. In my opinion, many are in quite attractive valuation and worth a look. If you are new to the HK market. Do start with companies within the Hang Seng Index. The financial companies are quite options to start researching on

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